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OPENCLOUD Glass Diffusers for Godox AD600/1200

April 27 2021 I don’t answer private emails about things I review. I get...
27th Apr 21

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Whew it’s been a bad year! And I’m talking BAD BAD! Adorama asked me...
16th Nov 20


For the past seven years I have wanted an extra freezer to keep out...
14th Nov 20

Dance lighting setup – UPDATE November 5 2020

UPDATE November 5 2020 Because the Saberstrip v2.0s are not available I decided to...
5th Nov 20

Death by a Thousand Cuts – November 4 2020

November 4 2020 About a month ago I communicated with Toby’s mum to ask...
4th Nov 20

Sur Ron Light Bee Review

I have a new site for the Sur Ron which will have free information...
18th Oct 20

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

COVID19 2020 is unlike any year, any experience — anything anyone has endured in...
14th Oct 20

Flashpoint XPLOR Power 1200 Pro R2 – Update September 28 2020

Update September 28 2020 Before explaining my testing I want to state that I...
28th Sep 20

90 degree Light Stand Mounting for strobes – Updated September 12 2020

Update September 12 2020 I have improved my DIY vertical bracket for my Flashpoint...
12th Sep 20

Never Ride a Motorcycle!

Riding a motorcycle is much different than driving a car. I’ve ridden motorcycles all...
10th Sep 20

Flashpoint XPLOR (Godox) 300 Pro – Update August 31 2020

Update August 31 2020 My gf is a Robert Hall fangirl. “Mark have you...
31st Aug 20

Flashpoint Godox AD600Pro – UPDATED August 31 2020

Update August 31 2020 I wanted to alert people that Flashpoint has added what...
31st Aug 20

The Magic of Collaboration

Right now there are so many important and historic events happening in our country...
11th Jul 20

Unearned Privilege

  I know that it shocks my Caucasian friends and acquaintances when I say...
12th Jun 20

Saberstrip v2.0 Alternative

For any of you who follow my blog it should be very apparent how...
6th Jun 20

Fuji X100V – Update: June 5 2020

Update: June 5 2020 I wanted to update this post about my choice of...
5th Jun 20

Saberstrip – An extinct modifier – Update June 5 2020

Update June 5 2020 I have found an alternative to the SSv2.0 which you...
5th Jun 20

Photographing during COVID-19

Anyone who follows my site knows that I am a commercial performance and publicity...
25th May 20

My COVID-19 RinseKit+ – Updated May 15 2020

Updated May 15 2020 RinseKit warranty service responded to me once I filled out...
15th May 20

Parabolix 35D – UPDATE Update May 7 2020

Update May 7 2020 For my work I have found the optimum strobe for...
7th May 20

Aputure Spotlight Mount Set – Update May 6 2020

Check out my post about the Flashpoint 300 Pro and the screw on Bowens...
6th May 20

FW: Re:

I am always a bit suspicious of FW:Re emails. Why? well the lion’s share...
11th Apr 20

How I Protect Myself Against Coronavirus – Update April 4 2020

Update April 4 2020 I wanted to update this post to cover why experts...
4th Apr 20

Coronavirus 0 – Community 1

The news about the new coronavirus or COVID-19 constantly surrounds us, permeates our thoughts...
14th Mar 20

Instagram Ads – Cell Phone Holster

Berry Hoo Cell Phone Wallet I am sometimes (often) reeled in by Instagram ads....
10th Mar 20

Randomly Wonderful!

If you are at all familiar with my photography blog you know that I...
3rd Mar 20

More than just gear

Hi, if you’ve stopped by to read about my latest blog post regarding a...
2nd Mar 20

Flashpoint FV150 – Hybrid LED/Flash Combo – 2-15-20

February 15 2020 My photography partner and I have been creating hand painted backdrops...
15th Feb 20

Fabricating a Fresnel w/gobo for a strobe – UPDATE February 11 2020

UPDATE February 11 2020 I wanted to update this post to link to the...
11th Feb 20

CLAR Slim 10″ Round Bi-Color LED Studio Light – Update January 27 2020

Update January 27 2020 I recently used the CLAR as a hair/rim light in...
27th Jan 20

Aputure Fresnel Lens Updated January 22 2020

Updated January 22 2020 Two factors motivated me to update this post. First on...
22nd Jan 20

Learning with Light

I am constantly searching for new ways to use light and shadow. Much of...
4th Jan 20

Goal Zero Yeti 200X

I’ve owned a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 since June of 2018. You can read...
3rd Jan 20

Captured or Created?

I had posted a dance photo I created a few seasons ago on Instagram....
28th Dec 19

Glow GRIPLITE X S-Type Bracket

The trusty Bowens S Bracket. I’ve used them for ages. Bullet proof and reliable....
20th Dec 19

CLAR Fresnel lens Mount Pro – Update November 20 2019

Update November 20 2019 This modifier has become my go to sub 12″ Fresnel...
20th Nov 19

REVIEW: PCB’s Omni 18″ Reflector – Update 11-19-19

November 19 2019 Obviously I have been very remiss in updating my post about...
19th Nov 19

K5600 Big Eye Fresnel – Update November 18 2019

November 18 2019 I have utilized my K5600 Big Eye Fresnel during a recent...
18th Nov 19

Glow Portable Frame Scrim Kit

Whether or not you use scrims/flags/etc. in your work is a topic for a...
13th Nov 19

Cheetahstand Chopstick Reflective Focusing System MKII

Please note that Stuart Vu, a visitor here pointed out that Amazon has the...
25th Oct 19

Flashpoint R2 Mark II TTL Transmitter (X2T-P)

I have tested and been using the Flashpoint R2 Mark II TTL Transmitter (X2T-P)...
24th Oct 19

Flashpoint R2 Pro Mark II C – Misfire Testing Update October 23 2019

Update October 23 2019 I have been using the R2 Pro Mark II C...
23rd Oct 19

Incredible Customer Service

I recently posted a review of my testing of the K5600 Big Eye Fresnel....
5th Oct 19

Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic – Update September 23 2019

Update September 23 2019 I recently had the opportunity to select this modifier on...
23rd Sep 19

Flashpoint R2 Pro C – Updated 9-19-19

Update September 19 2019 I have run an actual test of the various Flashpoint...
19th Sep 19

Converting a Stage Follow Spot to Accept a Strobe – Updated 9-16-19

UPDATE September 16 2019 I have continued to utilize my Leko converted spotlight whenever...
16th Sep 19

Glow EZ Lock Parabolic and ARC in combination

If you’ve read my review of the Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic you already...
27th Aug 19

Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic 48″ Quick Softbox Update 8-26-19

Update August 26 2019 I have written a post where I use this modifier...
26th Aug 19

GLOW EZ LOCK ARC Curved Strip Softbox – Update August 26 2019

Update August 26 2019 I have written a post where I use this modifier...
26th Aug 19

Anatomy of a publicity session

Whenever I am hired by a client to create imagery my first question is...
25th Aug 19

Creating a Concept – Updated 8-19-2019

Update August 19 2019 I was literally shocked when I read this article on...
19th Aug 19

Creating Art

Original Post August 15 2019 Twenty four months ago a close friend of mine...
15th Aug 19

Flashpoint MB-6 Multi Battery Charger For the eVOLV 200

Ok first off there are times I want something, but no one makes it....
14th Aug 19

CononMark 120cm – Glow EZ Lock Deep and Mole Richardson 412 on location

I was recently hired to create some publicity imagery for the stage performance of...
14th Aug 19

Flashpoint R2 Single Pin Transceiver

I have been testing the Flashpoint R2 Single Pin Transceiver to determine if it...
13th Aug 19

The Wonder of Water

Someone recently requested that I post some behind the scenes shots of my water...
3rd Aug 19

Converting a Mole Junior 412 Fresnel – UPDATED July 28 2019

Update: July 28 2019 I have recently used this modifier in combination with others....
25th Jul 19

TurtleRig Bulb Extension

I was recently made aware of the TurtleRig Bulb Extension through Flashhavoc. An intriguing...
29th Jun 19

The Worst Job in the USA

I’m really happy I didn’t read an article like this before I decided to...
22nd Apr 19

Glow Grand ParaBox Pro Softbox (70″) & Glow Grand ParaBox Zoom-In Bounce Rod – Updated April 14 2019

I utilized the Grand Para in combination with other modifiers for a publicity session....
14th Apr 19

The Death of Customer Service – Updated 3-11-19

Update 3-11-19 INCREDIBLE! AT&T actually published my negative review on their site! Perhaps there...
11th Mar 19

Combining Tools

I know there are a ton of online sites that show specific lights/cameras/etc. along...
4th Mar 19

March 7 2011

In a few days I will be entering my eighth year as a full...
28th Feb 19

Review – Flashpoint 12′ Junior Steel Wheeled Stand – updated 2-26-19

UPDATE February 26 2019 Update to the update. The visitor who left me a...
26th Feb 19

Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Round Flash Head

February 18 2019 I recently used the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Round Flash Head attached to...
19th Feb 19

Glow Collapsible Circular Wind Proof Reflector with Handles

First Post – February 15 2019 For years I have used Sunbounce reflectors. I...
15th Feb 19

Glow EZ Lock Quick Softbox (25″) – Update January 13 2019

Update January 13 2019 I purchased the 36″ version of this modifier based on...
13th Jan 19

LightSaver AD200 Flash Bumper – Update Novmeber 27 2018

Update November 27 2018 Because I’m a small business I always try to support other...
27th Nov 18

A Book by Its Cover – Updated 11-25-18

Update November 25 2018 It’s been over three years since I wrote this article....
25th Nov 18

Glow Easy Lock X-Large Deep Beaded Silver Umbrella – Updated November 18 2018

UPDATE November 18 2018 I opted to use this modifier during a recent ballet...
18th Nov 18

Flashpoint R2 Pro 2.4GHz Transmitter for Pentax (XPro-P) – Updated 11-17-18

Update November 17 2018 On a recent on location session in Seattle WA I...
17th Nov 18

How forums  can stunt your growth

I was recently reading a blog post about the new Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Round...
14th Nov 18

Xplor/Godox600, eVOLV200 and Pentax 645Z, HSS!!! Updated 10-30-18

Update October 30 2018 No need to do this workaround anymore. Flashpoint has released...
30th Oct 18

Seamless need not be boring!

Occasionally my clients ask that I shoot in front of seamless. Most of the...
23rd Sep 18

Testing Before Using

I know that I often state whenever I get a new modifier/strobe/etc. I ALWAYS...
27th Aug 18

ResMed Air Mini Travel Cases – Non Photo related

I have noticed that so many of the reviews/recommendations are from companies who sell...
7th Aug 18

Evolv200s, Xplor600s, 600Pro, Saberstrip v2s on location

Shooting as a pro means there are times when you have to prove yourself...
2nd Aug 18

Teaching High School Kids About Photography

Jamie Smith, a man who I met in 2010 while attending a week long...
22nd Jul 18

Seeing Light and Shadow

I get quite a few questions about light. Specifically questions about strobe brands, what...
13th Jun 18

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Solar Power Station

OK so anyone who knows me KNOWS that I love haze/smoke/atmosphere for my personal...
5th Jun 18

Glow Reflector Panel and Sun Scrim Kit

Before I started to use lights of any kind I would proudly (and arrogantly)...
5th Jun 18

iPad – Shuttersnitch – Lightroom Workflow Update June 2 2018

I’m posting this just so that I can rate images on my iPad to...
2nd Jun 18

DJI Mavic Pro Updated 5-30-18

UPDATE 5-30-18 Earlier this month while was using my Mavic to both film and...
30th May 18

Flashpoint 600 on location – Antoine Hunter in CalArt’s Magazine “The Pool” Updated May 24 2018

UPDATE May 24 2018 CalArts has placed their entire Summertime Issue 2018 #3 online....
24th May 18

Surviving a Stroke

Today, May 20 2018 is my second anniversary as a stroke survivor. It occurred...
20th May 18

OneEyeLand 2018 B/W Awards

I’m proud to have been named as a Finalist in the 2018 OneEyeland B/W...
10th Apr 18

Initial Sundisc 60cm portable impressions – Update 3-25-18

UPDATE: March 25 2018 I wanted to do a final test prior to using...
25th Mar 18

Doing Rather Than Talking

I admire people who do. I have little to no respect for those who...
25th Mar 18

Fucking Trolls

Long ago I gave up participating on forums. Why? Because like ex-girlfriends who just...
20th Mar 18

iRobot Roomba, Really?

OK so I know this is primarily a photography blog. Most folks come here...
17th Mar 18

SMDV Alpha Speedbox-A110 Updated March 15 2018

UPDATE March 15 2018 During a recent client sessions, both of which were on...
15th Mar 18

Manning Up – Updated March 7 2018

UPDATED March 7 2018 Today marks the seventh anniversary of my departure from corporate...
7th Mar 18

On location with the AD200s and AD-B2s

I was asked to create some trombonist’s imagery for his upcoming Fall 2018 CD...
25th Feb 18

Review: Adorama’s Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL HSS – updated 2-25-18

UPDATE February 25 2018 I’ve written an on location post where I’ve utilized both...
25th Feb 18

Flashpoint AD-B2 Review updated February 25 2018

UPDATE February 25 2018 I’ve written an on location post where I’ve utilized both...
25th Feb 18

One Eyeland 2017 Photography Award

I am proud to have been awarded Finalist status in the Professional Fine Arts...
15th Feb 18

Adorama Glow ParaPop 38″ Review

Like all things I believe in ‘the right tool for the right job.’ That...
5th Feb 18

5 Different Modifiers, 2 Strobes over 2 Days

A trombonist and his PR rep flew in from Nashville, TN to conduct two...
26th Jan 18

xPLOR/Godox 600 bulb transport protector

If you never have to travel and transport your strobes via airlines, no need...
15th Jan 18

ND Filter Holder for Mavic Pro

I have been searching for just the right case to hold my Mavic Pro...
8th Jan 18

Necessity is the mother of invention – UPDATE January 5 2018

UPDATE February 22 2018 During a client session they allowed me to experiment using...
5th Jan 18

DIY Bowens Focusing Rod – Updated 12-24-17

UPDATE 12-24-17 Today I installed an Adorama Glow Pop 38″ octa into my DIY...
22nd Dec 17

The Hard Truth About Hard Modifiers

Hard modifiers. They’re so misunderstood! Most photographers seem to always be chasing soft light,...
16th Nov 17

Exhibition – Pacific Art League

I will be part of a group photographic exhibition at the Pacific Art League...
29th Oct 17

Why I Love What I Do

For about 38 years I was a ‘suit.’ A pure corporate guy whose career...
20th Oct 17

Using xPLOR600s and the right modifiers

UPDATE January 26 2018 I’ve recently written a post about my use of the...
19th Oct 17

Fathom Entertainment

UPDATE November 8 2017 My client has used several of the publicity imagery in...
4th Oct 17

Flashpoint Silicone Skin for eVOLV 200

UPDATE September 29 2017 In response to a question left below this post I...
29th Sep 17

Adorama’s Flashpoint Studio 400 Monolight

These are my initial impressions of the Adorama’s FP Studio 400. SERIOUSLY, $119.95 for...
27th Sep 17

Using the Godox System

UPDATE October 2 2017 I have written a post about a dance session I...
11th Sep 17

Flashpoint Portable Extension Head 1200 Ws Updated 9-10-17

UPDATE September 10 2017 I recently posted an article on my use of all...
10th Sep 17

Why I use: xPLOR/Cheetahstand/Parabolix/Cononmark/etc

UPDATE December 9 2017 I recently conducted a two day session using two eVOLV200S...
5th Sep 17

What inspires me

Lately I have been asked by a few people, “Mark what gives you inspiration...
1st Sep 17

Traveling with STUFF

About 50% of my work takes me out of state for client work. I...
25th Aug 17


This has nothing to do with photography, so if that’s what you’re after you...
22nd Aug 17

1 1/3 more stops of light for $12 bucks!

The other day I got a little bitty reflector for my Flashpoint eVOLV 200s...
21st Aug 17

What’s truly important

I make my living as a commercial photographer, primarily in the arts. After working...
14th Aug 17

My Reasons for Leaving Facebook Updated 8-15-19

UPDATE 8-15-19 More disgusting lack of oversight. “Facebook outsourced contractors to listen in on...
14th Aug 17

To Studio or Not to Studio?

My partner and I went back and forth for quite some time about whether...
5th Aug 17

Using a Cheetahstand Chop Stick

UPDATE August 14 2014 My client just released our video of his 2017-18 Season...
2nd Aug 17

Baby Hummingbird

Every morning I go out to my patio to turn on the water feature...
28th Jul 17

Xplor/Godox – How it has changed my workflow

UPDATE January 26 2018 I’ve recently written a post about my use of the...
16th Jul 17

2017-18 Season Brochures

My clients have released their season brochures so I can now share the final...
10th Jul 17


UPDATE August 14 2017 I am honored to have been a finalist in this...
9th Jul 17

Decide for yourself

I’m writing this Musing because I have recently realized that so many ‘photographers’ or...
8th Jul 17

Behind the glitz

For five years I have photographed 5th Avenue Theatre’s High School Musical Awards. Teens...
14th Jun 17

Seattle Times June 9 2017

My shots often appear in print, but today was special and unusual. On the...
10th Jun 17

Oakland School for the Arts

For the past five years I have had the privilege to photograph OSA’s Dance...
30th May 17

Why I love my ebike

UPDATE October 23 2017 Four flats in 1200 miles….is that normal? Well I found...
8th May 17

Rest in Peace Mom

April 28 2016 was the day my mother passed away. On April 29th 2017...
2nd May 17

The Secret Garden – 5th Avenue Theatre

Even though I do quite a bit of lit studio work I still perform...
20th Apr 17

Our Perceptions, Ourselves

I have always believed that as a professional photographer I should always continue to...
10th Apr 17

Review Godox/Wistro AD600BM Strobe – updated 1-26-18

UPDATE January 26 2018 I’ve recently written a post about my use of the...
1st Apr 17

Supernova M99 Pure Review

UPDATE 10-23-17 Although this has little to do with the M99 Pure, I have...
23rd Mar 17

2016 One Eyeland Awards

I’m proud to have been chosen as a Finalist in the 2016 One Eyeland...
17th Feb 17

Sparking an Idea

In December 2016 I was searching for a portable printer and discovered on Amazon...
8th Feb 17

Tanzen German Dance Magazine

One of my Water Tango images appears on page 32 in the February edition...
31st Jan 17

Hotel Travel Review – Avila la Fonda

I have decided to add a small travel review section to my blog. I...
17th Dec 16

Living Eulogy – Christy Martin

Throughout my life other men I’ve known often talk about “The Unicorn” which in...
9th Dec 16

Jenny Morris – RIP

Jenny Morris, 21 recently died in the Oakland “Ghost Ship” fire. She was my...
8th Dec 16

Oakland School of the Arts – Dance Emphasis 2016

Each year I photograph the dance department at the Oakland School of the Arts,...
25th Oct 16

Godox XT32C Test

I had watched an excellent video review by Shoms Photography about the Godox XT32C...
21st Oct 16

From Suit to Shooter

I started as a suit, a corporate climber, chaser of money, hopeful head of...
6th Oct 16

AD600 (XPLOR 600 HSS TTL) vs. H600 (CL600-X) range difference?

UPDATE October 2 2017 I have written a post about a dance session I...
28th Sep 16

Adorama’s Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Review

UPDATE January 26 2018 I’ve recently written a post about my use of the...
22nd Sep 16

It’s Personal

This post is about the people rather than the picture. Sure I’m a professional...
20th Sep 16

AD600 vs. H600 Power

I decided to see if there is any power loss using the Godox H600...
26th Apr 16

New Menu Selection “Conceptual”

I have added a new main menu drop down selection titled “Conceptual” This is...
9th Apr 16

AD360 or AD600?

Gah! I’ve gone back and forth on which I’d buy if I was considering...
24th Mar 16

My Case for AD600s and AD360s

Someone wrote to me about how I carry/transport/check my lights so I thought I...
20th Mar 16

Review – CononMark  Indirect Deep Parabolic Softbox 120cm – UPDATED 11-21-17

UPDATE: November 21 2017 Another photographer contacted me via this post to ask me...
17th Mar 16

Quick Test – AD360 vs. AD600 vs. Einstein 640

A pro shooter friend of mine who I convinced into purchasing several AD360s wrote...
15th Mar 16

Portraiture – My Own View

This morning I was reading the March 2016 edition of the Professional Photographer’s Association...
14th Mar 16

Living Eulogy Series – Robb Hunt

For those of you who are familiar with my Living Eulogy series and for...
14th Mar 16

Living Eulogy – Reginald Ray-Savage

Gosh I guess it was about five years ago I was introduced to Savage...
28th Feb 16

Pretty Is or Pretty Does?

I am in a dilemma. All over Facebook, the internet, really everywhere I am...
25th Feb 16

Focusing Parabolic Rod and Cheetah Stand Rice Bowl

UPDATE: August 2 2017 I have written a separate article about using a Cheetahstand...
12th Feb 16

Living Eulogy – Maria “Tracy” Martin

This is a new series I’ve started. I’ve often wondered why we reserve eulogies...
20th Jan 16

REVIEW: Leatherman Tread – Updated January 19 2016

UPDATE: January 19 2016 One of the features I wanted to incorporate into the...
19th Jan 16

What Makes a Great Portrait?

You may find this Musing ironic since I chose to include only a single...
14th Jan 16

2016 Oregon Coast Calendar for Sale

An 11.5×14″ calendar is now on sale for $46.99 via Paypal which includes shipping....
5th Jan 16

Light and Atmosphere on Location

I was recently hired to do an on location session for a Seattle Theatre...
27th Nov 15

I Need a Basketball

One of the largest benefits of living a life full of experience is it...
9th Nov 15

High Bridge Arms, SF – RIP

Today, Friday October 30 2015 is the day the last remaining gun store in...
30th Oct 15


I has taken me a very long time to write this article. My goals...
28th Oct 15

“Too High Daddy!” Our Daughters – Part 1

Many of my younger friends are having children and quite a few of them...
29th Sep 15

form function form

I tend to be the type of fella who keeps stuff. Not in the...
29th Sep 15

Adapting PCB Hard Modifiers to Accept Bowens S Mounts

For years I have used Paul Buff’s Einsteins almost exclusively for my strobe work....
19th Sep 15

Becoming a photo assistant

I’ve always been a huge proponent of learning via hands on and have advocated...
14th Sep 15

No One Told Me

Three January’s ago I got a call from my sister in LA to tell...
3rd Sep 15

Priolite MBX1000 HotSync – Initial Tests

UPDATE June 2017 I am posting this link to another review I conducted converting...
4th Aug 15

BTS Video with Avant Chamber Ballet

A behind the scenes video of my on location sessions with Avant Chamber Ballet...
31st Jul 15

On Location with Avant Chamber Ballet

In May 2015 I was asked to photograph the Avant Chamber Ballet in Dallas,...
26th Jul 15

Rovelight – Adorama’s Russian Roulette Transmitter

UPDATE 9-21-16  Adorama’s Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Review June 22 2015 It’s always so...
23rd Jun 15

Rovelight HSS and the Godox/Adorama Streaklight 360s

UPDATE 9-21-16  Adorama’s Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Review UPDATE: June 22 2015 Sadly I...
12th Jun 15

Just Like Me

WARNING: This article has absolutely NOTHING to do with photography. So if you’re here...
25th May 15

Having to Improvise…

There are many times when we are thrown a ‘curve ball’ when it comes...
21st May 15

Review: Westcott Skylux

Constant light was never something I gave much thought. I’ve been a strobe user...
29th Apr 15

So You Want to be a Professional Photographer?

I’ve written quite a bit lately about gear, my little inventions and experiences using...
25th Apr 15

Rovelight with Bowens Maxlight 8″ 65 Degree Reflector

UPDATE 9-21-16  Adorama’s Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Review UPDATE: June 22 2015 Sadly I...
23rd Apr 15

REVIEW: Godox/Neewer AD360 300 WS Portable Bare Bulb Flash

UPDATE: 2-4-16 As I wait for the Godox AD600BM remote head I fabricated a...
19th Apr 15

AD 360 S DIY Mount Bracket diffuser

I love the portability of all of the recent bare bulb 360s no matter...
14th Apr 15

Adorama Rovelight 600B HSS review

UPDATE 9-21-16  Adorama’s Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Review UPDATE: June 22 2015 Sadly I...
11th Apr 15

REVIEW: Ricoh IMAGE Transmitter 2 Software

UPDATE April 7 2015 Ricoh recently released an update to Image Transmitter 2 which...
8th Apr 15

Rest Well Paul

This week I was saddened to hear that Paul C Buff had passed away....
25th Mar 15

REVIEW: Vello Ringbox Ringflash Adapter

I have always liked the look of ringflash portraits. There have been several times...
3rd Mar 15

Westcott 59″ Zeppelin Review

UPDATE: August 2 2017 I have written a separate article about using a Cheetahstand...
27th Feb 15

Imagination and Improvisation – How to REALLY Improve Your Photography

This small tutorial has little to nothing to do about camera gear. I’m on...
24th Jan 15

Pentax 645Z Review – Updated May 5 2014

UPDATE: May 5 2014 I wanted to post some commercial shots I’ve completed and...
22nd Dec 14

David Allen Cooper – Portrait Session

David Allen Cooper, Principal Horn – Dallas Symphony Orchestra. David commissioned me for a two...
23rd Oct 14

Oakland School for the Arts – Dance Emphasis

Some of my recent dance photography at the OSA – Dance Emphasis group. Shot...
20th Oct 14

“I Only Use Natural Light”

Yup I remember saying that very same thing in an intentionally arrogant tone. Truth...
4th Oct 14

REVIEW of Westcott IcePack

My video review of Westcott’s IceLight Pack and Icelights  
25th Sep 14

Suntactics Solar Charger Review

Here Comes the Sun! Why would a solar charger review be on a photographer’s...
23rd Sep 14

Why I love the unremarkable

I have mixed feelings about family portraiture. Yes we do them for hire. And...
13th Sep 14

“One Number 2 Please”

To the horror of my own children and friends I enjoy the breakfasts at...
1st Sep 14

The Inevitable vs. the Unthinkable

Over the past month I’ve found my mood to be a bit somber. Like...
31st Aug 14

Combining light sources

I am easily bored. After falling in love with the light characteristics of a...
27th Aug 14

Series: “I Do Too” – Samantha

I Do Too – A Series Although I make my living photographing commercially some...
25th Aug 14

Archery and Art

A month or so ago I met with a close friend who moved out...
4th Aug 14

The Grateful Cello

Over the past six months I had been collecting all of the elements I...
3rd Aug 14

Using Light Modifiers

Photographers often ask, “Mark what’s your favorite modifier? Is it a softbox, umbrella, shoot...
26th Jul 14

Review – Westcott’s IceLight

Westcott’s IceLight Just this week I was scheduled to shoot a publicity session for...
25th Jul 14

Review – SaberStrip

Sometimes in my infinite idiotic wisdom I purchase something because I can’t afford something...
24th Jul 14

Canon 1DX with Sigma Art 50 vs. Fuji X100s with TCL X100

Today while I was conducting a commercial session I decided to run a quick...
23rd Jul 14

Review Fuji TCL X100 Teleconverter

I own a Fuji X100S and formerly owned their X100. For my commercial work...
15th Jul 14

Better Than Me

June 2014 Every parent hopes that their own children grow up to beome better...
26th Jun 14

DeWitt Cheng’s review of “29 Hands – 15 Artists”

DeWitt Cheng for Regarding Arts reviews my 2014 exhibit “29 Hands – 15 Artists”...
5th Jun 14

The Daily News Interview

Interview with Paul Freeman for my exhibit “29 Hands – 15 Artists” at the...
17th May 14

29 Hands – 15 Artists Opens May 18 2014

My exhibit, “29 Hands – 15 Artists” opens this Sunday May 18 2014 and...
11th May 14

Music in the Mountains

In late January 2014 I was contacted by Cristine Kelly, the Marketing Director for...
22nd Mar 14

My Monthly Blog on SuperDigitalCity

I have been asked to write a monthly blog article on SuperDigitialCity’s website. My...
17th Mar 14

Village Theatre 2014-15 Season Brochure Imagery

In January 2014 I photographed publicity imagery for Village Theatre‘s 2014-15 Season Brochure marketing...
6th Mar 14

Vision and Collaboration

Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 2014-15 Season Brochure In order to put an entire marketing campaign...
2nd Mar 14

Forced Patience

I’m always surprised how the majority of posts on photography forums focus primarily on...
27th Feb 14

Shooting in light falling snow with the X100S and a SpeedLight

I had the opportunity to photograph an emerging musician on location in Canada while...
23rd Feb 14

The Right Tool for the Right Job

I often say that cameras are just like any other tool, sometimes you need...
17th Feb 14

The New Newspaper

My Dad had all kinds of great advice for me as I grew up....
15th Feb 14

Ya Never Know….

A month ago I got an email from the Marketing Director of Music in...
14th Feb 14

I don’t seem to know what I’m doing

This week I received one of the nicest and most kind emails from someone...
12th Feb 14

Oakland School for the Arts – Dance Emphasis

Publicity photography for Oakland School for the Arts – Dance Emphasis. These images feature seniors...
8th Feb 14

RANT – Why I Find Forums Useless

Sometimes I get a burr under my bonnet and the best way for me...
8th Feb 14

“Jazz Dance – A History of the Roots and Branches.”

A dance image of Jarrod Mayo for Savage Jazz Dance Company was recently published...
7th Feb 14

I Prefer Pepsi

I was recently made aware of the apparent hubbub in reaction to the Coke...
4th Feb 14

Evita – Broadway by the Bay

My publicity imagery for Broadway by the Bay‘s production of Evita.
3rd Feb 14

Beethoven Festival Dallas Symphony Orchestra

The VP of Marketing at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is really shaking things up! Earlier...
3rd Feb 14

Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM Review

I am a full time commercial photographer who specializes in live performance as well...
28th Jan 14

Fuji X100S in Commercial Use

My X100S was utilized in a commercial shoot for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 2014 Beethoven Festival...
4th Jan 14

Exhibition “31 Hands – 16 Artists” Peninsula Museum of Art

“31 Hands – 16 Artists” Peninsula Museum of Art Mark Kitaoka Solo Exhibit, 16...
31st Dec 13

Robyn Tribuzi Dance Troupe 2013

Students of Robyn Tribuzi in a studio session
30th Dec 13

Portable iPad Stand

Like most photographers I am always trying to figure out how to travel as...
29th Dec 13

Les Misérables Publicity – Village Theatre

Les Misérables – On Location publicity session, Issaquah, WA for Village Theatre
24th Oct 13

31 Hands – 16 Artists

Over the next year I am conducting a personal project photographing the hands of...
28th Aug 13

Adrian Blue

Promotional portraiture of Adrian Blue for Catherine Rush‘s play “The Loudest Man on Earth”...
4th Jul 13

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been contracted as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s publicity and production photographer
28th May 13

Fuji X100S Location Shoot with a single Speed Light

Using the Fuji X100S on location in Huntington Beach, CA with a very simple...
13th May 13

John Orr – Author

An environmental portrait of John Orr for his newest book release of  “Someone Dark Has...
6th May 13

Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucerno

Professional Tango Dancers Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucerno
16th Apr 13

Broadway by the Bay CATS

Broadway by the Bay’s production of CATS
16th Apr 13

Fuji X100 and X100S Review

As a full time commercial performance photographer who specializes in theatrical, symphonic and dance...
15th Apr 13

Behind the Scene for CATs

Behind the scenes video for our publicity session for Broadway by the Bay’s upcoming...
3rd Mar 13

Moments of Transparency

My fascination with windows began when at the mature age of 6 I took...
2nd Mar 13

Kathryn Zdan

Kathryn Zdan, Actress
30th Jan 13

Oakland School for the Arts

Oakland School for the Arts Dance Students under the direction of Reginald Ray-Savage. Publicity...
26th Jan 13

Greg Gorman – My Perspective

The other day my partner Tracy announced that the new issue of Professional Photographers...
23rd Jan 13

Grey Gardens

5th Avenue Theatre and A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) publicity imagery for their co production...
1st Jan 13

John & Jen

Hillbarn Theatre publicity imagery for their 2013 production of John & Jen
1st Jan 13

Duo Flor de Piel

Duo Flor de Piel Laetitia Olivia and Patricio Touceda  
6th Dec 12

Chris deVera

Chris deVera of Team Loopkicks
20th Nov 12

Giuseppe Finzi Resident Conductor San Francisco Opera

Giuseppe Finzi – Resident Conductor, San Francisco Opera On location portraiture session 2012 –...
14th Nov 12

Stanford Symphony Orchestra

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been named the production and publicity photographer for Stanford Symphony...
31st Oct 12

Love Chaos & Dinner

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the production photographer for Teatro ZinZanni’s Costa...
31st Oct 12

Playing with Fire Art Installation

The Oakland Museum of California‘s “Playing with Fire” exhibit features several Mark Kitaoka photographs...
22nd Oct 12

Robyn Tribuzi Dance Troupe

In studio dance portraiture, Robyn Tribuzi’s Dance Troupe
19th Oct 12

Pop Rocks

On location publicity sessions for Pop Rocks
16th Oct 12

Mounting the Vagabond Mini Lithium

Unlike most of my Musings, this one is instructional since I wanted to give...
9th Oct 12

Upright Grand

Production Photography for TheatreWorks world premier of Upright Grand
15th Jul 12

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Production Photography for Broadway by the Bay’s The Marvelous Wonderettes
15th Jul 12

Spotlit Art Installation

Mark Kitaoka Photographs will be included in an art installation, “Spotlit” at the Gensler...
10th Jul 12

Diablo Theatre Company

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity and production photographer for Diablo...
6th Jul 12

Gangsters of Love

Teatro ZinZanni Seattle‘s production photography for “Gangsters of Love”
1st Jul 12

GrooveLily Portraiture

GrooveLily Portraiture        
11th Jun 12

Upright Grand

TheatreWorks publicity imagery for the production of Upright Grand  
8th Jun 12

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Publicity imagery for Broadway by the Bay‘s production of  The Marvelous Wonderettes Ashley Rae...
7th Jun 12


TheatreWorks production imagery for GrooveLily‘s World Premier of Wheelhouse  
3rd Jun 12


5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of RENT publicity photography
25th May 12

Gangsters of Love

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as production photographer for Teatro ZinZanni SEATTLE’s upcoming...
23rd May 12

Theatrical Portraiture

Theatrical portraiture session. Lighting, photography, wardrobe and set design by Mark Kitaoka
17th May 12

Theatreworks Honors

TheatreWorks Honors event honoring Silicon Valley Bank Chairman Ken Wilcox and Tony Award winning...
12th May 12

The Odyssey on Angel Island

Production photography from We Players “The Odyssey on Angel Island” Directed by Ava Roy
11th May 12

TheatreWorks 2012-13 Season Brochure

TheatreWorks 2012-13 Season Brochure imagery  
5th May 12

PETCO Pooch Hotel Hollywood

Pooch Hotel Hollywood publicity photography Robin Tomb, Founder Pooch Hotels with her two dogs...
1st May 12

We Players The Odyssey

Publicity photography for We Player’s The Odyssey on Angel Island
21st Apr 12

Titanic the Concert

Titanic the Concert, 5th Avenue Theatre‘s in concert production imagery Ian Eisendrath conductor  
13th Apr 12

Damn Yankees

5th Avenue Theatre‘s rehearsal imagery for the production of Damn Yankees
12th Apr 12

Hairspray Production Photography

Production Photography for Broadway by the Bay’s Hairspray
3rd Apr 12

Of Mice and Men

Production photography for TheatreWorks “Of Mice and Men” Jos Viramontes as “George” and AJ Meijer as “Lennie”
1st Apr 12

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra at Herbst Theatre Ben Simon, conductor  
30th Mar 12


GrooveLily on location publicity imagery Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda
28th Mar 12

Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra

Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra Spring concert  
25th Mar 12

5th Avenue Theatre 2012-13 season

5th Avenue Theatre‘s 2012-13 season imagery as window skins
17th Mar 12

The Oklahoma Project

An all student production of Oklahoma sponsored by 5th Avenue Theatre Bryan Gula and...
16th Mar 12

Behind the Scenes Video – Pirates of Penzance

Behind the scenes footage of a studio session for 5th Avenue Theatre’s upcoming production...
6th Mar 12

5th Avenue Theatre 2012-13 Season Brochure

5th Avenue Theatre pre production photography for the 2012-13 Season Brochure
6th Mar 12

New Century Chamber Orchestra

New Century Chamber Orchestra
1st Mar 12

Hairspray Publicity

Publicity imagery for Broadway by the Bay’s production of Hairspray. Vicky Morgan (center) as...
26th Feb 12

Pooch Play

Pooch Play a division of PETCO Animal Supplies opens its first location in Totowa...
17th Feb 12

Oklahoma Billboards

Billboard photography appears in the greater Seattle, WA area for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s current...
6th Feb 12

Savage Jazz Dance Company

Promotional imagery for Savage Jazz Dance Company Jarrod Mayo Alison Hurley & Jarrod Mayo...
30th Jan 12

Oklahoma Publicity Imagery

Billboard photography for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of Oklahoma. Spectrum Dancer imagery – Mark...
27th Jan 12

Product Photography

Product photography for Emay’s Sweet Shop, Belmont, CA  
20th Jan 12

The Pitmen Painters

TheatreWorks production photography for The Pitmen Painters. Left to right: Paul Whitworth, Nicholas Pelczar, Jackson Davis, Dan...
18th Jan 12

Brad Brooks Harmony of Passing Light

Brad Brooks 3rd album “Harmony of Passing Light” which will be released in February...
11th Jan 12

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Starstruck Theatre presents The Adventures of Tom Sawyer directed by Lori Stokes at the Smith...
6th Jan 12

The Pitmen Painters

TheatreWorks publicity photography for The Pitmen Painters Patrick Jones, Jackson Davis, Dan Hiatt and James Carpenter Patrick Jones,...
5th Jan 12

Manuela Horn

On location publicity session with stage actress Manuela Horn. Manuela is also known as...
28th Dec 11

Cinderella Billboards

16 Cinderella Billboards in the greater Seattle area advertise for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production.
14th Dec 11


I cannot recall any photographer who entered the profession before enjoying the craft as...
2nd Dec 11

The Secret Garden

TheatreWorks production imagery for the Secret Garden  
1st Dec 11

On the Air Publicity

On the Air Publicity Studio Session for Teatro ZinZanni San Francisco Chronicle ad appearing...
17th Nov 11

First Date

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s...
5th Nov 11


Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been chosen as one of the publicity photographers for 5th...
5th Nov 11

TheatreWorks Anything Goes

Anything Goes 2011 – TheatreWorks annual gala event photography
2nd Nov 11

4info Website Branding

Commercial imagery for 4info‘s new website launch
1st Nov 11


5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of Cinderella Publicity Photography Jennifer Paz as Cinderella Nick Garrison...
29th Oct 11

On the Air

Teatro ZinZanni San Francisco’s production of On the Air Duffy Bishop stars in On...
29th Oct 11

Brad Brooks Album Imagery

Images made for Brad Brooks’ upcoming 2012 album release. All images shot in various...
24th Oct 11

Clementine in the Lower 9

Clementine in the Lower 9 – TheatreWorks production Production Photography
2nd Oct 11

Black Cat Cabaret 2011

Pet’s Lifeline‘s annual Black Cat Cabaret 2011 – Sonoma California Starring Grammy Award Winner...
19th Sep 11


Contra Costa Civic Theatre‘s production of Chicago Production Imagery Aime Shapiro Katie Pogue
16th Sep 11

Robyn Tribuzi Dance

Publicity Studio session with Robyn Tribuzi’s San Mateo High School Dance Troupe
13th Sep 11

Clementine in the Lower 9

TheatreWorks presents Clementine in the Lower 9 Publicity Photography Kenny Brawner as “Chorus,” Laiona Michelle as “Clementine”...
9th Sep 11

Pets Lifeline 3rd annual Black Cat Cabaret

Mark Kitaoka Photographs was selected as the official photographer for Pets Lifeline‘s 3rd Annual...
4th Sep 11

Saving Aimee

5th Avenue Theatre‘s publicity image for Saving Aimee directed by David Armstrong, playwright Kathie...
30th Aug 11

Sense and Sensibility

TheatreWorks production of Sense and Sensibility – Production photography Katie Fabel & Jennifer Le...
23rd Aug 11


Broadway by the Bay‘s production of “Gypsy” Publicity Imagery Samantha Bruce Heather Orth and...
17th Aug 11

Saving Aimee

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s...
16th Aug 11

Little Rock

TheatreWorks 2011 New Works Festival presentation of Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj’s “Little Rock” Cast of Little...
16th Aug 11

Bianca Sapetto

Bianca Sapetto Aerialist/Choreographer Photographed on location in Topanga Canyon – Los Angeles, CA  
15th Aug 11

Kristian Weathers

Kristian Weathers – Miami Fashion Week hostess SWIM 2012 – On location swimsuit session
14th Aug 11

Maestros Enchantment

Teatro ZinZanni’s Maestro’s Enchantment Live production photography for cast member replacements Elena Gatilova Melanie Stace
14th Aug 11

Sense and Sensibility Publicity

TheatreWorks Sense and Sensibility Publicity Images Thomas Gorrebeeck, Jennifer LeBlanc, Michael Scott Mclean & Katie Fabel Jennifer...
10th Aug 11


So much of what exists today is virtual, our senses confined to what we...
23rd Jul 11

The Music Man

Production photography Tom Reardon in Broadway by the Bay’s The Music Man Kerie Darner-Moss...
22nd Jul 11

Fly by Night

TheatreWorks Fly by Night Kristin Stokes , Wade Mccollum Ian Leonard, Kristin Stokes Rachel...
13th Jul 11

Joan Baez stars in Maestro’s Enchantment

Joan Baez stars in Teatro ZinZanni’s Maestro’s Enchantment Yevgeniy Voronin Bianca Sapetto Yevgeniy Voronin & Svetlana
29th Jun 11


4Info Marketing imagery
20th Jun 11

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

The Complete World of Sports  – The Reduced Shakespeare Company As performed at San Jose Repertory Theatre,...
20th Jun 11

TheatreWorks Fly by Night

TheatreWorks publicity imagery for Fly by Night Wade McCollum (Narrator), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (Daphne),...
17th Jun 11


Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the Publicity Photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s...
10th Jun 11

Music Man

Broadway by the Bay Music Man Publicity Photography Tom Reardon & Sam Hyrkin  ...
10th Jun 11

Sleepless Nights

Throughout my life I can count on one hand times when I have been...
4th Jun 11

Disney Aladdin The New Stage Musical

Mark Kitaoka Photographs was selected as the publicity photographer for Disney’s stage adaptation of...
1st Jun 11

title of show

{title of show] by TheatreWorks. Production imagery: Mark Kitaoka Ian Leonard & Jamison Stern...
30th May 11

Maestro’s Enchantment

Mark Kitaoka Photographs selected as the production photographer for Teatro ZinZanni’s upcoming performance of...
24th May 11

Disney Aladdin

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s...
15th May 11

[title of show]

TheatreWorks Publicity Imagery Laura Jordan, Ian Leonard, Farah Alvin & Jamison...
11th May 11

TheatreWorks 2011 2012 Season Publicity

TheatreWorks 2011/12 Season Publicity Imagery Sense and Sensibility The Secret Garden
3rd May 11

Carmelo Blandino Fine Art Painter

Portrait of Carmelo Blandino – Fine Art Painter
1st May 11

Ysabel Le May Fine art painter and photographer

Portrait of Ysabel Le May – Fine Art Painter & Photographer
1st May 11

Kristian Weathers Actress

Kristian Weathers – Actress    
27th Apr 11

Jessica Gorin Executive Chef Thirsty Bear Restaurant

Jessica Gorin, Executive Chef – Thirsty Bear Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
25th Apr 11

Pooch Hotels Branding Campaign

Branding campaign photo shoot for Pooch Hotel Commissioned by Robin Tomb VP & Founder...
12th Apr 11

Teatro ZinZanni Caliente Publicity Imagery

Christine Deaver – Teatro ZinZanni Caliente Publicity Photo Robert Lopez – Teatro ZinZanni Caliente...
9th Apr 11

Forever Plaid Production Images

Broadway by the Bay’s Forever Plaid production images Jeremy Kreamer, Joshua Milbourne, Justin Buchs...
1st Apr 11

Snow Falling on Cedars

Snow Falling on Cedars TheatreWorks Production Imagery Maya Erskine, Mia Tanago Mia Tanago, Tim Chiou...
29th Mar 11

Teatro ZinZanni Caliente!

Portraiture Christine Deaver of Teatro ZinZanni’s Caliente! Portraiture Ricardo Salinas, Director of Caliente! Vita...
15th Mar 11

North Pool Production Photographs

Remi Sandri and Adam Poss Rajiv Joseph’s world premier – The North Pool –...
7th Mar 11

Snow Falling on Cedars

Will Collyer, Tim Chiou and Maya Erskine Snow  Falling on Cedars – TheatreWorks Publicity...
6th Mar 11

C. Kelly Wright

Portrait of C. Kelly Wright Broadway Stage Actress
3rd Mar 11

Teatro ZinZanni – Caliente!

Teatro ZinZanni selected Mark Kitaoka Photographs as the photographer for their upcoming performance of...
1st Mar 11

Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks location shoot, Sutro Baths San Francisco, CA  
28th Feb 11

Forever Plaid Publicity Session

Publicity photography for Broadway by the Bay’s Forever Plaid
28th Feb 11

National Physician’s Alliance

National Physician’s Alliance – website & PR brochure imagery Integrity & Trust in Medicine...
23rd Feb 11

Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel Preferred Photographer

Named Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel Preferred Photographer
23rd Feb 11

TheatreWorks 2011-12 Season Announcement

Artistic Director Robert Kelley announces the 2011-12 TheatreWorks Season to subscribers
17th Feb 11
14th Feb 11

Rajiv Joseph, Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright

Portrait of Rajiv Joseph, Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright for The North Pool
10th Feb 11

The North Pool Publicity

TheatreWorks presents The North Pool Remi Sandri (The Kite Runner, Violet) as Vice Principal...
10th Feb 11

Vagabond Mini Initial Impression

I am a professional live performance photographer specializing in dance and theatrical performance photography....
19th Jan 11

Moments of Passion – Forever Tango

A 417 page book of live performance imagery from Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango performance...
18th Jan 11

39 Steps

TheatreWorks 39 Steps – Production Imagery Mark Andersen Phillips & Rebecca Dines Rebecca Dines,...
17th Jan 11

Terri Watson

Portrait of Terri Watson – The Director of the Farallon Marine Sanctuary Association.
9th Jan 11

Coro Hispano 2011 Concert

Juan Pedro Gaffney – Conductor Juan Pedro Gaffney – Conductor Mission Dolores Basilica, San...
9th Jan 11

Dr. Gillian Clements – Conductor

Portrait of Dr. Gillian Clements – Conductor St. Ignatius College Preparatory
31st Dec 10

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

Benjamin Simon and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra
31st Dec 10

A Christmas Memory

Gabriel Hoffman and Penny Fuller TheaterWorks A Christmas Memory production imagery
28th Nov 10


(pictured l-r) Music by Larry Grossman, Book by Duane Poole, Lyrics by Carol Hall
28th Nov 10

Hamlet on Alcatraz

Beginning in September 2010 We Player’s performed a site specific play of Hamlet on...
30th Oct 10

Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts

Howard Swain and Lance Gardner TheatreWorks Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts production imagery
3rd Oct 10

Greg Gorman Celebrity Photographer

Portrait of Greg Gorman Hollywood Celebrity Photographer Taken at his home in Albion, CA...
27th Sep 10


Ryan Marchand, Ryo Harada, Cassie Shane, Megan Trout 11th Hour Ensemble’s production of Alice....
20th Sep 10

La Cage aux Folles

Ray Mendonca Broadway by the Bay’s La Cage aux Folles production imagery
14th Sep 10

Light in the Piazza

Rebecca Eichenberger and Whitney Bashor TheatreWorks Light in the Piazza production imagery
23rd Aug 10

New Works Festival 2010

C  Kelly Wright in Red Clay TheatreWorks New Works Festival event imagery
15th Aug 10

Breema Photo shoot

Book photography for Breema Body Work
4th Aug 10

Auctioning The Ainsleys

Lance Gardner TheatreWorks Auctioning the Ainsley’s production Imagery
15th Jul 10


Cami Thompson, John McQuade, Maya Donato, Connie Burkert, Caroline Douglass and Teagan Reynolds Broadway...
10th Jul 10


Richard Frederick, Mark Anderson Phillips and Kevin Rolston TheatreWorks Opus production imagery
31st May 10

Theatreworks 40th Gala

TheatreWorks 40th Gala
11th May 10

To Kill a Mockingbird

Anthony Newfield TheatreWorks To Kill a Mockingbird Production Imagery
4th Apr 10

When What Is, Is Not

Photography is an interesting pursuit. Many people I know appreciate the hobby of photography...
3rd Apr 10

The Art of Fortune

I started this blog to express my own feelings and emotions through photography. I...
28th Mar 10

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Robert Brewer Broadway by the Bay’s – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels production imagery
27th Mar 10

PACO Portraiture

Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra portraiture
26th Mar 10

Sunsets and Margaritas

The Virgin of Guadalupe (Lucinda Serrano) TheatreWorks Sunsets and Margaritas Production Photography
7th Mar 10

Company Photographer Theatreworks

I was truly honored to be named TheatreWorks Company Photographer in 2010.
1st Mar 10

American Theatre Magazine – January 2010

American Theatre January 2010 Publication for TheatreWorks Daddy Long Legs
1st Jan 10

A Civil War Christmas

TheatreWorks A Civil War Christmas Production Imagery
29th Nov 09

2005 – 2009 The Growth of Pride

Not many of you have followed my blog since its inception in November of...
3rd Nov 09

Breast Cancer Connections

Breast Cancer Connections – Annual Report Imagery
20th Oct 09

“Express rather than Impress”

Those very words have been in the forefront of my mind since I read...
18th Oct 09

John Caird Tony Award Winning Director

John Caird, Tony Award Winning Director of Les Miserable. Taken on the set of...
8th Oct 09

World Premier of Daddy Long Legs

Megan McGinnis TheatreWorks in association with the Rubicon Theatre World Premier of Daddy Long Legs...
8th Oct 09

Pooch Hotel

Pooch Hotel – Publicity Imagery
1st Sep 09

The Chosen

Reb Saunders (Corey Fischer, left) delivers a sermon to followers including his son, Danny...
22nd Aug 09

Yellow Face

Pictured – Francis Jue TheatreWorks – Regional Premier of Yellow Face by David Henry...
22nd Aug 09

New Works Festival

TheatreWorks – New Works Festival Lucie Stern Theatre
15th Aug 09

The Full Monty Publicity Imagery

Michael Cassidy, Noel Anthony, Andrew Willis-Woodward, Robert Sholty, Berwick Haynes, Seth Michael Anderson Broadway...
6th Aug 09

The King and I Production Imagery

Susan Himes Powers & Jared Lee Broadway By The Bay – The King and...
16th Jul 09

Burn the Floor on Broadway

Peta Murgatroyd – Center Clockwise from bottom right Sasha Farber, Robin Windsor, Damian Whitewood,...
15th Jul 09

Tinyard Hill

Melissa WolfKlain and Allison Briner TheatreWorks – Tinyard Hill (World Premier) performance and promotion imagery
8th Jul 09


This past weekend a friend’s wife had asked me to photograph her family. I...
18th May 09

The King and I

Jared Lee Broadway By The Bay – The King and I Publicity Shots As...
15th May 09

Crazy for You

Melissa WolfKlain and Steve Perez Broadway By The Bay – Crazy for You production...
15th Apr 09


Over the past two months Tracy and I have been photographing Burn the Floor...
10th Apr 09


Mama (Rebecca Dines) and Natalie (Jayne Deely) TheatreWorks – Distracted performance and promotion imagery
8th Apr 09

Theatre Bay Area April 2009

Melissa WolfKlain and Steve Perez Broadway by the Bay Crazy for You Publicity Imagery
3rd Apr 09

Talent and Pride

In September of 2005 my son and I went out one night when I...
2nd Apr 09

It Ain’t Nothing but the Blues

James Monroe Iglehart TheatreWorks – Lucie Stern Theatre It Ain’t Nothing but the Blues...
22nd Mar 09

Target Stores – Family Matinee Ad

Target Family Matinée Ad for Broadway by the Bay
20th Mar 09

Tel-Hi Neighborhood Center Photography Program

Today, Friday March 13, 2009 is a very special day for me. 20 8...
13th Mar 09

20 Faces

Today, Friday March 13, 2009 is a very special day for me. 20 8...
13th Mar 09

Incredible Fortune

I’m sure that time and time again throughout these Musings I have mentioned that...
9th Mar 09

New Discoveries

I have recently written here about my project with the kids at Telegraph Hill...
23rd Feb 09

Putting oneself ‘out there’

Today I photographed auditions for The King And I. This is the first time...
16th Feb 09


Almost everything one reads, hears or views in today’s world is filled with fear...
12th Feb 09


Today I did something I have wanted to do for quite some time, resign...
4th Feb 09

Death and Taxes

That old adage, “There are only two certainties, death and taxes” left one out,...
25th Jan 09

The Inauguration of America

Today, January 20th 2009 is as many have said a historic day.  Much more...
20th Jan 09

Burn the Floor

Peta Murgatroyd and Damian Whitewood Damon & Rebecca Sugden Burn the Floor Post Street...
15th Jan 09

Twentieth Century

Rebecca Dines, Dan Hiatt TheatreWorks – Twentieth Century Production Imagery
8th Jan 09

Long Story Short

Pearl Sun and Ben Evans TheatreWorks Long Story Short Production Photography
15th Dec 08


Authentic imagery can never be obtained through insincere intent.
19th Nov 08


Like most artists I struggle with many facets of my own work. Perhaps the...
14th Nov 08

A New Day

It has been a very long time since I have held hope in American...
5th Nov 08

Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra

Dinkelspiel Auditorium – Stanford University
17th Oct 08


As many of you know, the vast majority of my imagery consists of complete...
13th Oct 08

A Quote

“You get your best pictures when you engage in a process of discovering each...
8th Oct 08

Radio Golf

C. Kelly Wright and Aldo Billingslea TheatreWorks Radio Golf production imagery This image was...
8th Oct 08


Just recently I have had the chance to reconnect with a man who was...
8th Oct 08

The Bubble Project

Yes, I know that it has been quite some time since I’ve written a...
19th Sep 08

Into The Woods

Mindy Lym Broadway by the Bay – Into The Woods Live performance imagery
10th Sep 08


I’ve written in the blog many times about the people who I have met...
8th Sep 08


Tracy received her most recent issue of LensWork today. For those that are not...
5th Sep 08


Over at Onexposure, a community where I participate, I noted that in the Member...
1st Sep 08


If you’ve happened upon this page, you know that I tend to write my...
26th Aug 08

Finding what I like

Before I begin I wanted to say that the way I now input images...
23rd Aug 08

Surprised? Me too!

Well, if you’ve happened over here you undoubtedly have seen something new. After three...
23rd Aug 08

Life Events

I was once told by a man whose name I cannot remember that “One...
17th Aug 08

Grey Gardens

Beth Glover as Little Edie in Grey Gardens TheatreWorks Mountain View PAC
15th Aug 08

Family Matters

It’s a rare occasion when my entire family can go on a vacation together....
9th Aug 08

Forever Tango 2008 San Francisco Tour

Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda Post Street Theatre San Francisco Publicity Imagery
1st Aug 08

Presentation Site Update

I have often captured the performance imagery of artists who are dancers be they...
30th Jul 08

The Evolution of the Musings

One of my friends who I have just reconnected with wrote to me the...
21st Jul 08

Design and Publishing

Tracy was recognized for her photographic work by Design and Publishing. The author of...
1st Jul 08


It’s amazing how different perspectives can be. I have a long time friend in...
26th Jun 08


Multitasking. It’s a moniker that so many people in today’s society prize. The other...
25th Jun 08


I participate at Onexposure and one of the features that I find well done...
23rd Jun 08

The Bane of my Existence – Musings

During my break I was not sure whether or not I would write in...
21st Jun 08

Break, yet again…

I will be taking a break from photography for a bit. Right now it...
18th Jun 08

Happiness is…..

Although the date on this musing is June 16 2008, I write this on...
16th Jun 08


June 4th, 2008 It never ceases to amaze me how life’s twists and turns...
4th Jun 08

Photography can be a very, very frustrating pursuit. I have not been happy lately...
3rd Jun 08

I have endured both physical pain and trauma without complaining. I seldom shed a...
29th May 08

My day today started out in a way no one wants.  I got word...
27th May 08

MAN! My pal Vernon Trent called me ‘lazy’ last night because I had not...
25th May 08

Musings and Change (again…)

“I think people miss your Musings babe.” Hum those are the exact words Tracy...
24th May 08

Senior Prom

This has been a tough year in many ways as well as one that...
17th May 08

Growing pains

I have mentioned a few times here that I have/had participated in several online...
4th May 08


For quite some time I have given thought to taking my work toward a...
29th Apr 08

A Day with my Daughter

I just returned from a weekend visit with my daughter who is attending college....
27th Apr 08

Thinking of faces

I participate at Onexposure.net and another photographer, Emily Bem posed a question in the...
5th Apr 08


Yes, it’s been a very long time since I have had both the time...
31st Mar 08

L Glass Heirlooms

Yesterday Tracy and I stopped by my aunt’s home to return the photo album...
11th Mar 08

Uncle Harvey’s Eulogy

Today was my uncle Harvey’s memorial service and I wanted to reprint part of...
8th Mar 08

In honor of

In honor of my aunt, uncle and father, I will display their childhood family...
7th Mar 08


I had been in a foul mood yesterday.  Many things contributed to my mood. ...
4th Mar 08

The end of an era

At the end of the day today I was surprised to see a message...
26th Feb 08

Another break?

I have been taking a break from shooting over the past month and have...
25th Feb 08


So what does it all mean?  Pictures I mean.  I guess in a world...
20th Feb 08

Face to face

Well, I’ll be taking a break for a bit from blogging.  After assembling my...
9th Feb 08

Let’s Tango!

Today I released my second book for sale, Moments of Passion – photography of...
6th Feb 08

Tree Hugging

Wow, musings four days in a row.  I don’t believe I’ve done this since...
24th Jan 08


If you’re wondering if I fell on my head simply because you’ve noticed that...
23rd Jan 08


Amazing.   It is truly a marvel how one thing leads to another.  I’ve...
22nd Jan 08


It’s been a very long time since I’ve been ill, but I am.  Yesterday...
21st Jan 08


For quite some time I have enjoyed participating in blogs, as it has given...
18th Jan 08


This weekend in two unrelated and unexpected ways, I was reminded of the power...
14th Jan 08


For me I often find that my thoughts are a culmination of several days...
8th Jan 08

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!   I have taken thousands of photographs in pursuit of this...
1st Jan 08

Happy Birthday to me…

Of course I have to write something for Christmas!  Unlike many of my musings,...
25th Dec 07


The Christmas season has always been a very special time of year for me. ...
22nd Dec 07


I remember the first time I looked through Annie Leibovitz’s book “A Photographer’s Life...
16th Dec 07


Throughout my photographic lifetime I have met and encountered so many individuals it is...
13th Dec 07

What is not petty

My gosh where does the time go?  It’s been quite a while since I’ve...
10th Dec 07


For the past three years I have encountered periods in my photographic journey where...
2nd Dec 07

Not this again!

Well folks, its that time of year again.  I’ve become tired of my style...
23rd Nov 07

Giving Thanks

Today in the United States is Thanksgiving Day.  I had planned on taking a...
22nd Nov 07

My exhibit and my blessings

Forgive me if I don’t have a completely coherent musings right now.  I just...
17th Nov 07

Doubts in light of support

I find that my soul is sometimes the epitome of a dichotomy.  Anyone, including...
16th Nov 07

Can it really be – year 3?!

Wow, can it really be that I am going into my third year of...
9th Nov 07


Over at Onexposure.net a man commented on a recent photograph of mine stating, “Great...
6th Nov 07

Moments of Humanity – Solo Photographic Exhibit

November 5 to December 20 2007 ArtShare 25 Gallery – San Mateo, CA
5th Nov 07

My Exhibit “Moments of Humanity”

Almost two years ago I began this blog on November 9 2005 with the...
2nd Nov 07


Even though I sometimes believe that I have matured as a human, there are...
29th Oct 07


I have mentioned this over and over again in this section and I will...
21st Oct 07

Knives and the Internet

The media often sensationalizes the negative side of the internet.  Certainly there are some...
14th Oct 07

Getting Ready

If you’ve followed my little blog for the past seven days you’ve seen the...
8th Oct 07

Bizzare warning

I wanted to alert you that this week, I will be running a series...
1st Oct 07

“Oochy coochy oochy coo”

What is it about babies that is utterly irresistible?  Perhaps it is simply Nature’s...
28th Sep 07


I have mentioned that I have an upcoming exhibit this fall and the curator...
27th Sep 07

Contemplating a change of style

It’s funny as I have not been moved to write a musing in quite...
20th Sep 07

You never know when or how

Whew, it’s finally Friday.  I’m not sure what is was about this week, but...
7th Sep 07

In the eye of the beholder

What makes a good photograph?  What makes a great one?  And what makes a...
6th Sep 07

Looking inside

477 days ago May 11, 2005 I took a photograph that became very personal...
3rd Sep 07

The desire to tell a story

Tonight my daughter sent me to the market to buy some vanilla ice cream...
30th Aug 07

Motorcycle racing and the art of photographic maintenance

Fear.   When allowed, it can encroach into many facets of life.  I recently...
28th Aug 07

Sticks in your spokes

Sometimes one just outgrows a need.  Such is the case with my consistent participation...
25th Aug 07

Putting aside the petty

The other night I had to send Tracy some of the images that I...
23rd Aug 07

Sensor painting

I have the benefit of having two remarkable artists as critics, Larry Fodor and...
21st Aug 07

Forever Tango

Alejandra Gutty & Juan Paulo Horvath Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango! Live Performance Photography –...
15th Jan 07