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Category : Corporate

02 Mar 2014

Vision and Collaboration

Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 2014-15 Season Brochure

In order to put an entire marketing campaign together it first takes vision. The Marketing VP at Dallas Symphony Orchestra had a very specific vision for his 2014-15 Season Brochure. His concept was to carry a “Date Night” theme throughout his brochure, creating an experience which would attract new as well as existing patrons. He also wanted a theatrical and dream like quality to the individual performances, one that matched each symphonic piece.

Keep in mind that whenever you’re hired to create commercial imagery there is quite a bit at stake. Beyond your own reputation, there’s the talent, scheduling, venue logistics, graphics gurus, administrative help, travel, blah, blah blah. And although an Art Director may have a specific shot they have in their own minds, it’s up to the photographer to execute that vision, one that often only exists in the AD’s mind.


12 May 2012

Theatreworks Honors

TheatreWorks Honors event honoring Silicon Valley Bank Chairman Ken Wilcox and Tony Award winning composer Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon accepts his Honors award from TheatreWorks

TheatreWorks Artistic Director Robert Kelley addresses his guests at Honors

l-r David Hess, Courtney Stokes, Robert Adelman Hancock, Megan McGinnis and Leanne Borghesi

01 May 2012

PETCO Pooch Hotel Hollywood

Pooch Hotel Hollywood publicity photography

Robin Tomb, Founder Pooch Hotels with her two dogs Lexy and Spur

17 Feb 2012

Pooch Play

Pooch Play a division of PETCO Animal Supplies opens its first location in Totowa New Jersey.

Robin Tomb – founder of Pooch Hotel, VP Pooch Hotel/Play division of PETCO Animal Supplies

20 Jan 2012

Product Photography

Product photography for Emay’s Sweet Shop, Belmont, CA


14 Dec 2011

Cinderella Billboards

16 Cinderella Billboards in the greater Seattle area advertise for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production.

One of 16 Cinderella Billboards

01 Nov 2011

4info Website Branding

Commercial imagery for 4info‘s new website launch