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Moments of Passion

Moments of Passion – My second in a series of action photographs with professional Argentine Tango Dancers Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda. This session was conducted in the Mohave Desert of California to combine the beauty of the desert landscape with their magnificent art form of tango.

Moments of Power

Dance is my favorite performing art to capture. I flew three ballerinas from Dallas into San Francisco for a shoot whose theme is about power over perfection. Custom dresses were designed and made along with makeup specific to the shoot. All dancers, but more specifically ballet dancers are drilled and admonished about ‘perfect’ toes, fingers, etc. which for me can sometimes ruin the passion of their movement. So these sessions were all about the power and beauty of ballet out of the studio and stage and out in nature.

Moments of Grace

My ongoing project titled “Moments of Grace” Ballerina’s from Avant Chamber Ballet. You can view a behind the scenes video of my on location publicity work with them in Dallas Texas below.

Tango in water

Professional Argentine Tango Dancers Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda. Photographed in studio in Seattle, WA