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Three Different Modifiers

I was recently hired to shoot a session that is a bit out of the ordinary for me. A children’s entertainment company that specializes in children’s activities asked me to do some publicity imagery for their marketing department. They hired 14 children for the shoot but the catch was I had to shoot in a live environment, meaning the public was also going to be present. In some instances using normal light stands would be out of the question since most of the floor area is covered with trampolines! Not the most conducive surfaces for light stands eh?! LOL!!!!

Prior to the shoot I met with them at one of their locations to determine what gear would meet the needs. We all determined that a bright, evenly lit environment would meet their marketing goals. No moody lighting for sure! I knew that I would use at least four xPLOR/Godox 600s and felt that the following modifiers would be the best tools for this job:

86” Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrella

Glow 70 Degree Magnum Reflector

Cheetah 26″ Quick Lantern


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