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Aputure Spotlight Mount Set – Update May 6 2020

Check out my post about the Flashpoint 300 Pro and the screw on Bowens adapter. It makes the pairing something that was made in heaven!

Update May 6 2020

I’ve just tested the new Flashpoint 300 Pro and in addition to the MANY advantages I see in the product it is perfect for use in my Aputure Spotlight. Why? Well the bulb and forthcoming Bowens mount attachment allows it to fit into the Spotlight without any adapter! You can read more about my impressions of this incredible little light here.

Because the 300 Pro’s bolt on Bowens mount is not available as I write this I simply used the Glow S2 bracket.
A close up view of the little 300 Pro inserted into the S2 bracket mounted to the Spotlight.
The 300 Pro modeling light set to 10 which is fine to position the gobo light.
1/8th power from the 300 Pro. 1/250th f2.8 ISO 100

Update January 13 2020

I am now testing a LED/Strobe combination that attaches natively to the Aputure Spotlight without an DIY adapter.

Update December 8 2019

I was able to use the Aputure instrument during a publicity image session for Little Shop of Horrors adding a green gel to the light. 

Updated November 18 2019

Unless I come across a different way to use this instrument other than what I’ve posted to date this will be my last entry. I will simply say that it is a remarkable device especially considering its price point. The ability to change lenses is really useful for my work.

Again, mine uses the 36 degree lens. Once Aputure releases a 50 degree I’ll purchase that one as well.

Updated October 22 2019

I wanted to update this post to say how pleased I have been with the Spotlight. In most cases I am shooting in confined spaces where a narrow beam makes the use of a gobo light impractical. I recently shot a dance session and due to the 36 degree lens on the Spotlight I was easily able to use the lighting instrument. The funny part is the dancers and teacher wanted to know“What Mark is going to do with that bazooka thing?!” LOL it does kinda look like a bazooka! But once they saw the images appear on the tethered iPad everyone wanted to be lit with the device.

In the images that follow the key light was the Aputure Spotlight with an industrial window gobo. But I also added an overhead light, my beloved Saberstrip v2.0 to add fill light to the shadows. Without the fill areas in the dark portion of the gobo were almost completely black.

The Aputure Spotlight’s construction, switchable lenses and lack of fringing make this instrument extremely valuable for my work.

Updated October 12 2019

I have had the opportunity to test this instrument before placing it into my workflow. It performed flawlessly and with the 36 degree lens I am able to keep the device in close proximity to the area I am illuminating with a gobo. This is especially valuable for me since I seldom have a large distance between where I need the light to appear and where I can place the device. Well worth the money for this type of quality and versatility. 

The Spotlight was positioned in front of the bed approximately 9 feet from the wall. Its position in this photo is just staged and is not the actual position for the shot on the bed.
The Spotlight is used as the key light in this shot.
The Spotlight is used only as a gobo light in this image. My K5600 Big Eye Fresnel was the key light.

Original Post September 26 2019

This initial post is about my findings of the physical characteristics of the unit, not its actual use at this point in time. For anyone who has followed my blog it’s pretty apparent that I like to use gobos to create shots when it’s the right tool for the right job.

[justified_image_grid ng_gallery=53]

I’ve gone through all sorts of iterations to fabricate, modify, adapt modifier tools that aren’t really meant for still strobe photography. The Aputure Spotlight Mount Set is really no exception. I was very excited about purchasing the unit for these reasons:

  • Native Bowens mount
  • A choice of three lenses of different focal lengths
  • It uses B sized gobos
  • An optional adjustable iris
  • A nice padded case
  1. The unit is made for the Aputure LED constant light film industry, but I ‘thought’ it would be a plug and play affair since it uses the Bowens attachment system. More on that later. I’ve used my converted Leko spotlight enough to know that in cramped spaces a wider lens would be optimum. So I ordered the 36 degree lens and if I need tighter focal lengths they are available for around 259.00.
  2. B sized gobos are the standard in most theatres. So I can borrow some if needed. My other now discontinued Bowens projector uses smaller M sized gobos.
  3. Aputure makes a very cool optional adjustable iris for the unit which I purchased. I plan to use this for upcoming sessions. I’ve never had an adjustable iris option on a spot projector.
  4. Although the case that comes with the unit is not ATA rated, it is well done and protective.

And last but certainly not least is the Leko stage follow spot I converted cannot be replaced. So if it’s stolen or more likely lost during airline transport I’d be sunk. 

OK so let’s start off with why the unit is NOT plug and play for my Flashpoint or Godox strobes. I could not see in any of the online photos or specifications the distance between the Bowens mount and the first lens in the unit. (there are two) Using any of my Flashpoint or Godox strobes inserted into the unit cause the bulb to foul against the first lens…no bueno! So I had to fabricate (what else is new in my world LOL) a female to male Bowens adapter. Now any of my lights, the 600s the 600 Pro, the 200s the 200s with the circular head all fit! YAY!!!

The Spotlight is made for LED constant lights so the distance from mount to lens is too short for strobe bulbs.
My DIY Bowens mount extender resolved this issue. IF my Spotlight is lost I only have to make another mount, so I’m no longer worried.
Sorry for the shitty photo (bad photographer!) but I wanted to illustrate that the baby pin connector allows for a shorter or longer spigot. Very cool. Just be sure to mount the thumb turn into the upper hole when placing the unit back into the carry case. The foam is cut for the thumb screw to be in the upper hole or it won’t properly fit.
WTF is with my blurry shots! Oh well

I found a much easier way to fabricate a Bowens male/female extender. Here is what I use:

I cut the Protection cover about 1/75 inches from the Bowens male flange. (Cutting off the top of the cover) I then slide the open end into the Nicefoto mount and screw it down. All done for $18.00 USD!

Unit with my extender attached to the unit. The distance between the top blade and the gobo slot is closer than any spotlight I’ve seen. What this means is the focal point of the two will allow the gobo and blades to interact with very little fringing. The ONLY downside I see it it’s tough to remove the gobo holder because the top blade is so close. That’s complete princess bitching though!

Below I am showing how versatile the unit is in using ANY of my Godox/Flashpoint strobes:

600 with the remote head.
A single 200 with the round head attachment using an S bracket mount.

The 200 round head attachment and the Pro 600 modeling lights produce the most accurate gobo modeling lights in my tests.

Flashpoint eVOLV Dual Power Twin Head with Bowens Mount. Two 200s with two bulbs.

Just a test shot. It’s great how the 36 degree lens can be so close. Rumor has it Aputure is producing at 50 degree lens too.
Gobo holder and adjustable iris. The case has a little slot for the iris.
The gel holder is included. The design is very slick since the button on the top releases the tab that secures the gel holder in place. Well done.
There are two slots for gel holders. (you’d have to purchase a second gel holder btw) Forward thinking on Aputure’s part.
This is the case and NO it does not come with all of those Fragile stickers! My plan is to use a strap around the case during transport since the two latches can come undone.
Interior cutouts are well placed.

So far I am VERY impressed with the build quality and optics of the system. I have no doubt it will work very well in my work. As I use it I will continue to update this post. Aputure if you’re reading this, making a strobe adapter will make us still photo guys very happy and my increase your market too!

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Hi Mark and thanks for the great info. Is it possible to share how you fabricated the adaptor? Thank you so much.

Thank you for the info, this seems like the best way to go for studio spot/gobo effects with strobes. I want to use this with my Einstein’s. Do you think this adapter will work, without any interference? Any recommendations on how to adapt?

I just wanted to follow up and thank you for the information you’ve put in your blogs. I went ahead and bought the 36° Aputure Spotlight Mount and Bowens to PCB adapter linked above. Here’s my findings. Although there is no bulb interference, I had to slightly modify (grind) the Bowens side of the adapter as it would not fit. It is now on the unit, is extremely snug and will probably be very difficult to remove. I might modify the case foam and just leave it on for good. However, on the PCB side of the adapter, it seems very loose and not a correct fit to securely lock my Einstein into place. I have temporarily used a bungee cord to put extra tension but I do not trust it will stay on. I will make some type of bracket to ensure my Einstein doesn’t crash to the ground but it does indeed work very well. I have not used it on a live subject yet but have tested with a dummy. One thing I’ve noticed, it seems the further you throw the light the less output is achieved so you need to increase the power. Also, my studio is pretty large and I’m glad that I got the 36° lens but I feel a wider lens would be helpful too.

Thanks for this review. I am interested in connecting this to the godoc ad600 ii, but I see that the nicefoto sn-10 is not available any more. Do you know of the following adapters might also work. They were suggested as alternatives on the amazon page

Thanks. Such a long wait for delivery. I guess I’ll just have to be patient

Hi Mark!
thankyou for your precious reviews!
I bought a PIXAPRO EF Snoot: it’s a nice snoot that uses canon lenses (I used a 50mm 1.8, old at 1.8).
I noticed a lot of less power with this modifier. So I’m considering a more professional choice, I also would love to use blades, so I checked for the aputure spotlight 36.
I’d like to use it on elinchrom ELB 400 (I’ll buy an adapter bowens to elinchrom that probably will fix the distance lens/bulb)
I’d love to have your opinion:
do you think that Aputure spotlight is a professional choice?
Would you recommend it?
Does it lose or gain power (like they declare on their website)?
Do you think it will overarm in strobe mode?

ThankYou! I ordered: I found an offer on amazon.
I’ll let you know! :)
Thanks for sharing knowledge

Do you think the same method can be made for a godox AD600pro? Planning to get the spotlight, just wanna know if I can use the same method you did with a AD600pro!

Thank you! Will try it out and let you know!


I tried with my ad600pro with the bulb head but it fell and broke.

Anyways, I want to ask, how did you secure the sn10 adapter?

Because I can’t seem to lock it to the light, only could lock the screw. Was it the same for you?

Could you recess it in completely and lock the bowens mount?

Ooh just re-found this with the updates on the ad300pro! I have one coming soon and I already have a s2 bracket so this is great to see. Thankyou.