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Glow EZ Lock Parabolic and ARC in combination

If you’ve read my review of the Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic you already know I find it to be a remarkable value in modifiers. I’ve also done a preliminary review of the Glow EZ Lock ARC strip box. So for this post I wanted to show how I combined both of those modifiers in two of my recent client sessions. I was asked by one client to create portraits of 21 individuals and then an overall group shot of the entire team of talent. For the portraits I used both the ARC and a 48″ Deep Parabolic. The Parabolic was the key light and the ARC was the rim/hair light.

My configuration for the portraits. AD600s were used for both modifiers. The Glow 48″ has the inner diffusion disk and inner baffle only along with the grid that comes with the modifier. The ARC has the inner diffusion disk inserted along with the outer diffusion panel.

I’m very pleased with the quality of light from both modifiers. The wrap and contrast on faces is just delicious.

Due to the curvature of the ARC it acts as both a subtle hair and rim light. Because of its curve I really love how close I can move the ARC strip light to the talent for subtle light.

The subtle wrap of these when used in combination is really flattering for portrait work. For the group shot below I simply used a single Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic 48″ with both diffusion panels inserted, but without the diffusion disk. A 600 was my light source. Wonderful coverage and quality of light.

Next up was my dance session for a long time client…I used two Glow ARC modifiers, one Glow Deep Parabolic 48 and one Saberstrip v2.0. All three Glows used 600 lights. Prior to this configuration I utilized three Saberstrip 2.0s, but since they are not available I wanted to see how the ARCs would fair in my use. I had tested the quality of light prior to the session and was pleased with the results. My client commented, “Man you bring new toys every time you come here!” LOL 

My lighting configuration for the dance session. The light on the right is a gobo projector where I use an AD200.

Glow Deep Parabolic with grid was used to focus on Alison’s face. Two ARCs as lateral rim lights and one Saberstrip v2.0 as the top rim light.

Two ARCs as lateral rim lights and one Saberstrip v2.0 as the god light were my configuration for this shot of Sky.

Gobo light modifier using a single AD200 as the key light and one ARC strip modifier was used as fill for this shot.

Two ARCs as lateral rim lights and one Saberstrip v2.0 as the top god/rim light.

When used in combination I cannot stress enough how elegantly these modifiers produce in terms of quality of light. When I consider the ease of set up and strike along with their inexpensive price points there’s not anything to bitch or argue about! Incredible combination I’ll use when it’s the right tool for the job.

8 thoughts on “Glow EZ Lock Parabolic and ARC in combination”

  1. Hi Mark, Thanks. I purchased one based on your review. How did you setup the reflector dish inside the ARC. I couldn’t find any instructions.

    • Hi Winston, glad to be of help. I have placed mine both ways, with the curve up and with the curve down. There is just a subtle difference, but you’d really have to try it to suit your own taste. I place mine below the locking collar too. Try it both ways and see what suits your taste the best.

  2. Which size Arc strip softboxes are you using? The 48in or the 60in? Have you tried both? Is there any difference between the 2 worth commenting on if you have?

    • Adrian I am using both sizes. The only difference is in the size of the modifiers. Both work well and are consistent along their length. The curve of the modifier allows me to place it closer to the talent when necessary. It makes an effective rim light when hung or on a boom above and behind the talent as the light has a nice wrapping quality to it when used close. It has many uses but just be aware that you will not be able to grid them due to the curve. Of course you can always use Cinefoil to create a more focused light pattern, but it would be easier to just use a strip light that has a grid. Up to you and your purpose.

      • Thank you very much for your response, your reviews overall have been extremely helpful. The 48in is currently out of stock at Adorama so I purchased the 60in. The lack of grid wouldn’t be a problem. All the best.

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