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Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic – Update September 23 2019

Update September 23 2019

I recently had the opportunity to select this modifier on a publicity shoot for “It’s Only a Play.” The location selected for the on location session was the Presidential Suite at a hotel. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to view the location one day prior to the shoot. (I rarely if ever have that chance) The ceilings in the room are the standard 8 feet in height. Since the number of people in the shot was seven at once I needed to have modifiers which would illuminate all seven at once…evenly! In situations where I would have more headroom I would have chosen to use a large focusing rod modifier like my Elinchrom 69″ with my DIY focusing rod, or my Grand Para 70″ with the focusing rod. But alas there would be no way those would fit in the space and ceiling height. So instead I opted to use my Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic Fiberglass Umbrella (88″) and two Saberstrip v2.0 modifiers. Even using two smaller Glow EZ lock Wing like would have NOT fit in the space, hence my decision to use the v2.0 Saberstrips to augment the Glow 88″. The strobe used in the EZ Lock was the Flashpoint 600 Pro with its bare bulb. No reflector. The strobes used in the v2.0 Saberstrips were the AD200s with their native Fresnel heads.

Below is a photo of the room.

Here is one of the shots using the aforementioned modifiers.

One of the second shots was to be created of the ‘Butler’ playing on the bed. Again the 8 foot ceiling height limited modifiers I could use:

I certainly prefer other modifiers for the quality of light I love, but in situations where I cannot physically use them I find the Glow Wings to be sufficient. 

Update February 18 2019

I had the opportunity to use the Glow Wing Like during an Argentine Tango shoot to create marketing imagery for the dance troupe. I will say that the modifier is a great medium in terms of light quality between the Glow EZ lock Parabolic Softbox and an Elinchrom 39″ Rotalux Deep Octabox. The primary difference is of course the fabric being white. And its ability to be feathered is not as keen as a normal octa or umbrella. But its shape came into play during this shoot since the ceiling was very low and I needed to have the modifier as high as possible.

You can view more of the images I created using both the Wing Like and the Glow EZ Lock Parabolic here.

AD600 with a 5″ cone reflector was used as my back light/smoke illumination light. Water on the concrete floor creates the reflection. 64″ Wing Like Parabolic is my key light placed horizontal to the ground all the way up to the eight foot ceiling.

Original Post February 11 2019

I recently received the Glow EZ Lock Wing-Like Parabolic and am completely intrigued! It’s not just the shape of the umbrella or the oh so popular parabolic title, but the inner diffusion panel. I’ve NEVER seen any umbrella including the Angler ParaSail Parabolic Umbrella with the Glow’s configuration of diffusion panel.

The Glow has diffusion material OVER the umbrella ribs. Sure there are flat diffusion panels which go completely over an umbrella opening, but I’m not aware of one like this.

If you look closely you can see that the diffusion panel goes OVER the ribs rather than under. I ‘think‘ this may affect the light quality. I’m ‘guessing‘ it may produce light much like a normal soft box. But my further testing will tell.

It’s a bit difficult to see in Adorama’s stock photo, but the ribs of the umbrella are covered which then creates a cone of diffusion material…so interesting! I was watching some friend’s 11 year old daughter while they attended an ‘adult theatre play’ so Lily was NOT a willing light test victim…hahahahaha. But I wanted to give some initial observations before I do an actual test of the units.

  1. It ‘appears‘ that these can be used without the inner diffusion panel, BUT and this is a big but; it would be a total hassle to remove the white fabric. Each rib is attached not only at the ends, but with two additional threads points which hold the fabric onto the ribs. Sliding the fabric off of the ribs would be easy. Reinstalling them onto the ribs would be a whole different story. So I’m not sure if it’s meant to be used without the diffusion panel.
  2. The inner silver fabric is smooth and shiny, much like the original PCB Extreme umbrellas. If you’re not familiar with those think of the shiny side of aluminum foil and you’ll get the picture.
  3. Some of the nibs that hold the inner and outer fabric can come loose from the umbrella ribs during shipping. But after that they’ve stayed in place nicely.
  4. The shaft of the umbrella is well made, seems solid rather than hollow. Doesn’t dent too much when screw down umbrella mounts are used.
  5. On strobes or holders that don’t have a screw down mount for umbrella shafts the unit will rotate a bit, as with the 600 Pro which only has a friction holder for umbrellas shafts.
  6. The construction is a 7/10 and should hold up well for those (like me) who treat their gear well. For rental houses where people who rent could give a shit about care they’d have a much shorter life.
  7. They come in three different sizes, 45, 60, and 88 inches.

I will of course be testing the quality of light and some unusual ways to use these because of its shape. People who have used this shape of modifier talk about how great it is in tight spaces or low ceilings. I can see how that would be of high value. But I have some different ideas on how well these will perform…..more to come.

My testing will include feathering the modifier with and without the 600 Pro’s OEM reflector. Here is the spread of light just using the bare bulb. (45″ model)
Being able to control spill and possible focusing with a reflector cone may be possible too. We’ll see!

I really wish I had these to try during a recent all day publicity shoot. Not that I would have used them for the actual shoot, but done some testing with real talent in a great environment. Oh well….

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Cant wait for sample images of this intriguing design!

Good point about the umbrella shaft rotating. I hadn’t thought of this, but it’s definitely something to consider.

It is indeed, especially if you are planning to keep the modifier at an angle other than vertical or horizontal with a friction only umbrella holder.

I just got the 45 inch to try out under different conditions and if the light quality and feathering is good enough then this can become a great light weight portable set up when I do not want to mess with other Glow easy lock soft boxes when on the go….. It for sure can work out to be a go to second light along with the deep parabolic easy lock and the beauty dish. I would really like to see your overall testing as well and how you are utilizing Robert Hall on Youtube showed how he utilized it by removing and folding over the black/silver over cover allowing for two different diffusing methods in the same shoot.