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14 Jun 2017

Behind the glitz

The 5th’s PR person sent me this photo via text with the note, “There’s no hazard pay for this.” They’re use to me doing what I need to do to ‘get the shot.’ LOL!!!!

For five years I have photographed 5th Avenue Theatre’s High School Musical Awards. Teens from all over are invited to this event and the sheer volume of thousands of teenagers in one building rivals a SpaceX takeoff! Most of the workers wear earplugs…and I’m not joking. My partner is assigned to photograph the event from inside of the house, while I’m assigned the backstage area….my favorite.

Before becoming a full time pro shooter I got into this whole thing to chronicle my daughter’s work as a stage crew member in high school. I had little money while raising two kids, so I went onto eBay and bought myself a Casio point and shoot. As I wandered around the backstage area I came to appreciate the work and passion the ‘crew’ has for putting together a production. Those jobs are far from the glamor of the footlights and follow spots. So because of that I have a real soft spot for the crew and those who make it possible for the talent in front of the curtain to pursue their passions.

The energy and excitement behind the scenes is infectious. I’ve been honored and blessed to be able to move around freely backstage. So many of the people who work BTS I now know having worked with each of them on different shows. One of the most moving things that happened to me that night was when David said to me in such a sincere and warm way “Mark, thank you so much for doing this for us.” I simply said “You’re welcome” but thought to myself that I should be thanking him for being instrumental in my ability to know all of these folks.

So here are some of my favorite photos from backstage during the 2017 HSMA’s. The two shots, one of the group and one of the young man who played in the Music Man were portraits I just had to create backstage. I had brought my one strobe to use prior to the event and at the end of the event. I just HAD to use it to light these kids for a portrait. I know all of the kids who attend the 5th’s HSMA will carry these wonderful memories for the rest of their lives. I know I will too.

For both of these portraits I told the kids “No smiling! Give me ATTITUDE like you give your folks! LOL! And you can tell them when they see the shots the photographer told you to do that.”

Canon 1DX II, Adorama Evolv 200 using the bare bulb attachment. PCB 51″ soft silver modifier.

Canon 1DX II, Adorama Evolv 200 using the bare bulb attachment. PCB 51″ soft silver modifier.

10 Jun 2017

Seattle Times June 9 2017

My shots often appear in print, but today was special and unusual. On the front page of the Seattle Times, my publicity image for Village Theatre’s 2017-18 Season Brochure appears above the fold. Then two of my publicity shots for 5th Avenue Theatre’s world premier of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – the Musical appears in the entertainment section. Fun!

20 Apr 2017

The Secret Garden – 5th Avenue Theatre

Lizzie Klemperer and Coleman Hunter of The Secret Garden

Even though I do quite a bit of lit studio work I still perform production photography for my clients. Broadway World recently ran an article for The Secret Garden where my partner and I performed production photography for 5th Avenue Theatre.

01 Jan 2013

Grey Gardens

5th Avenue Theatre and A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) publicity imagery for their co production of Grey Gardens.

Jessica Skerritt-Stokinger and Patti Cohenour


25 May 2012


5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of RENT publicity photography

Daniel Berryman, Aaron C. Finley, Naomi Morgan, Jerick Hoffer and Ryah Nixon.

13 Apr 2012

Titanic the Concert

Titanic the Concert, 5th Avenue Theatre‘s in concert production imagery

Ian Eisendrath conductor


12 Apr 2012

Damn Yankees

5th Avenue Theatre‘s rehearsal imagery for the production of Damn Yankees

17 Mar 2012
16 Mar 2012

The Oklahoma Project

An all student production of Oklahoma sponsored by 5th Avenue Theatre

Bryan Gula and Keaton Whittaker

Jovian O Fry

06 Mar 2012

Behind the Scenes Video – Pirates of Penzance

Behind the scenes footage of a studio session for 5th Avenue Theatre’s upcoming production of Pirates of Penzance

Click for video

06 Mar 2012

5th Avenue Theatre 2012-13 Season Brochure

5th Avenue Theatre pre production photography for the 2012-13 Season Brochure

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

The Music Man

The Music Man



06 Feb 2012

Oklahoma Billboards

Billboard photography appears in the greater Seattle, WA area for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s current production of Oklahoma.

27 Jan 2012

Oklahoma Publicity Imagery

Billboard photography for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of Oklahoma. Spectrum Dancer imagery – Mark Kitaoka

14 Dec 2011

Cinderella Billboards

16 Cinderella Billboards in the greater Seattle area advertise for 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production.

One of 16 Cinderella Billboards

05 Nov 2011

First Date

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of First Date.

05 Nov 2011


Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been chosen as one of the publicity photographers for 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Oklahoma.

29 Oct 2011


5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of Cinderella
Publicity Photography

Jennifer Paz as Cinderella, Brandon O'Neill as Prince Charming, Nick Garrison and Sarah Rudinoff as the Wicked Stepsisters.

Jennifer Paz as Cinderella

Nick Garrison

Sarah Rudinoff
30 Aug 2011

Saving Aimee

5th Avenue Theatre‘s publicity image for Saving Aimee directed by David Armstrong, playwright Kathie Lee Gifford.
Carolee Carmello

16 Aug 2011

Saving Aimee

Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the publicity photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Saving Aimee written by Kathy Lee Gifford and directed by David Armstrong.

10 Jun 2011


Mark Kitaoka Photographs has been selected as the Publicity Photographer for 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella scheduled to appear from November 25 – December 31, 2011