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Tag : Hands

17 May 2014

The Daily News Interview

Interview with Paul Freeman for my exhibit “29 Hands – 15 Artists” at the Peninsula Museum of Art. Exhibit runs from May 18 through July 20 2014.




11 May 2014

29 Hands – 15 Artists Opens May 18 2014

My exhibit, “29 Hands – 15 Artists” opens this Sunday May 18 2014 and runs through July 20 2014 at the Peninsula Museum of Art’s North Gallery in Burlingame, CA


28 Aug 2013

31 Hands – 16 Artists

Over the next year I am conducting a personal project photographing the hands of various artists around the country. My artist statement:

31 Hands – 16 Artists

For me hands are second only to our facial expressions in expressing how we feel about our world

Hands caress
or protect those we care for
grasp for what we feel is just out of our reach
betray our words
accentuate our anger
and build or create that which our minds imagine

The hands of youth display the innocence of their owners

Scars, lines and spots are the privilege of an experienced life and display its owner’s life events and character

Be they musicians, authors, dancers, healers, innovators or fine and performing artists – creators of all types express what they feel and in the end touch us emotionally through tactile genesis

What begins in an artist’s mind is only brought to life through their hands