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Tag : Image Transmitter 2 v2.1.0

08 Apr 2015

REVIEW: Ricoh IMAGE Transmitter 2 Software

UPDATE April 7 2015

Ricoh recently released an update to Image Transmitter 2 which is now version 2.1.0. I had listed my frustrations with their prior version in my original letter to Ricoh below. In order to take advantage of the new version of IT2, you must update your 645Z’s firmware to version v.121 as well.

I just got done testing the new version and can report the following:

v2.1.0 works well and can be used with Adobe Lightroom v5.xx placing the images in a Watched Folder. None of the issues I sighted in my letter to Ricoh are present in the new version. I know that their update to Digital Camera Utility 5.3.1 now allows communication between IT2 and DCU, but I didn’t attempt to use DCU because my preference is to use Lightroom for my tethered capture.

I shot more than 100 images to see if there were any limitations on the number of images IT2 would display, but there were none. I will say that prior to the new IT2 release I had been using an Eye Fi Card sending small JPGs to my iPad through Shuttersnitch for wireless tethering. The transfer time is almost identical to that method even when sending PEF files to my laptop via a USB 3 cable. Since the time to transmit is the same I now plan on sending the PEF files to my laptop during client sessions. I will have an immediate double redundancy since the files will be on my laptop and on the SD cards. That’s always a great feeling.

I don’t believe transfer lag is due to anything other than the time the 645Z requires to process its images before sending them over a USB 3 connection or through a wireless ad hoc connection. It’s the same lag as waiting to view an image on the LCD screen after pressing the shutter. There is a noticeable delay. Much more so than my Canon 1DX or 5DIII.

IT2 v2.1.0 now works well with a PC. A side benefit is having a dual monitor setup. Wirelessly transmitting small JPG files to my iPad through Shuttersnitch while simultaneously sending full size PEF files to a laptop through IT2.