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Tag : Music in the Mountains

22 Mar 2014

Music in the Mountains

In late January 2014 I was contacted by Cristine Kelly, the Marketing Director for Music in the Mountains, a symphonic company nestled in the gorgeous foothills of Nevada City, CA. Cristine, or more accurately her husband had found my work while searching the web for his Christmas present from Cristine, a Fuji X100S. I had written a short article about using the Fuji in some of my commercial work. He saw the imagery I had created for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and yelled down to Cristine, “Honey, you need to look at this. I think this is the guy you’ve been searching for to shoot your Company!”

Cristine wanted her new Season Brochure to reflect the beauty of the surrounding area, so we discussed an on location shoot with costumes for the various performances her Company had planned for their upcoming season. Orchestras around the country are discovering that the ‘tried and true’ (I refer to that style as “Tired and Yawning”) photography, be it stock or shot for their specific needs, requires change to remain relevant. Rather than performance photos of musician’s clad in tuxedos and evening gowns, publicity imagery for music should reflect the emotion it conveys rather than what musician’s look like when they play. For most patrons, they know what they will see once they arrive. What they go for is for what they’ll experience and FEEL. Transmitting the feeling of an aural piece into something visual was my job.


14 Feb 2014

Ya Never Know….

A month ago I got an email from the Marketing Director of Music in the Mountains, a symphonic group located in the Sierra Foothills. Cristine, their Marketing Director had found some of my work on the web and called to inquire about a project.

The way this came about is the real story. For Christmas she purchased her husband a Fuji X100S. Like all new users of any electronic device, he began searching the web for information about his new toy. He happened upon an article I wrote about using the X100S for commercial photography. After looking at some of my commercial images he yelled down to Cristine, “Hey Honey, you need to look at this guy’s work. I think he’s the shooter you’ve been looking for!”


The on location setting.

So on the day of the session, she told me the story and said her husband Greg was going to stop by to meet me and watch some of the session. I asked her to text him and have him bring his X100S. Just before all the sessions were done I said to Cristine, “Hey we have hair, makeup and wardrobe here. Go have them put you in an outfit and have your hair and makeup done.” She simply said “WHY?!” I then told her that the best way for Greg to learn how to use his new camera was TO USE IT!


Mark, the owner of the property where the session was held.

So she reluctantly muttered “I can’t believe you’re talking me into this” and trundled off to hair and makeup. While ‘the talent’ was getting ready I gave Greg a crash course in how to meter while using studio lights outdoors and how to adjust his camera. Like all talent, Cristine was late to ‘her shoot’ and I had to call down to hair and makeup to hurry things along.


Cristine, the client and Marketing Director helps out during one of my light tests.

She came out looking great and I could see a husband of 10 years looking at his wife in a new way! LOL! Anyway he began shooting and it was worth all the effort and convincing to watch both of them in action together. He got some great shots and I’m sure they had a great ‘date night’ later that evening.

Update: March 22, 2014. I am now able to release some of the final images and they can be seen here.