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Tag : Production Imagery

28 Nov 2010

A Christmas Memory

Gabriel Hoffman and Penny Fuller
TheaterWorks A Christmas Memory production imagery

07 Mar 2010

Sunsets and Margaritas

The Virgin of Guadalupe (Lucinda Serrano)
TheatreWorks Sunsets and Margaritas Production Photography

29 Nov 2009

A Civil War Christmas

TheatreWorks A Civil War Christmas Production Imagery

22 Mar 2009

It Ain’t Nothing but the Blues

James Monroe Iglehart
TheatreWorks – Lucie Stern Theatre It Ain’t Nothing but the Blues live performance and promotion imagery

08 Oct 2008

Radio Golf

C. Kelly Wright and Aldo Billingslea
TheatreWorks Radio Golf production imagery
This image was utilized for street banners to promote TheatreWorks in Palo Alto from September to October 2010