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15 Jul 2012

Upright Grand

Production Photography for TheatreWorks world premier of Upright Grand

Dan Hiatt as “Pops”

Renata Friedman as “Kiddo”

Brett Ryback and Dan Hiatt

08 Jun 2012

Upright Grand

TheatreWorks publicity imagery for the production of Upright Grand

Dan Hiatt and Renata Friedman


Renata Friedman and Dan Hiatt

03 Jun 2012


TheatreWorks production imagery for GrooveLily‘s World Premier of Wheelhouse

Valerie Vigoda, Brendan Milburn, and Gene Lewin


Gene Lewin, Brendan Milburn, and Valerie Vigoda

12 May 2012

Theatreworks Honors

TheatreWorks Honors event honoring Silicon Valley Bank Chairman Ken Wilcox and Tony Award winning composer Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon accepts his Honors award from TheatreWorks

TheatreWorks Artistic Director Robert Kelley addresses his guests at Honors

l-r David Hess, Courtney Stokes, Robert Adelman Hancock, Megan McGinnis and Leanne Borghesi

05 May 2012
01 Apr 2012

Of Mice and Men

Production photography for TheatreWorks “Of Mice and Men”

Jos Viramontes as “George” and AJ Meijer as “Lennie”

18 Jan 2012

The Pitmen Painters

TheatreWorks production photography for The Pitmen Painters.

Left to right: Paul Whitworth, Nicholas Pelczar, Jackson Davis, Dan Hiatt, Patrick Jones and James Carpenter

Left to right: Paul Whitworth (standing), Jackson Davis, Dan Hiatt (back row), Nicholas Pelczar, Marcia Pizzo, James Carpenter and Patrick Jones

Dan Hiatt, Nicholas Pelczar and James Carpenter

05 Jan 2012

The Pitmen Painters

TheatreWorks publicity photography for The Pitmen Painters

Patrick Jones, Jackson Davis, Dan Hiatt and James Carpenter

Patrick Jones, James Carpenter, Dan Hiatt,and Paul Whitworth (sitting)

01 Dec 2011

The Secret Garden

TheatreWorks production imagery for the Secret Garden

Patricia Noonan and Joe Cassidy

Angelina Wahler

The Cast of The Secret Garden

Andrew Apy and Joe Cassidy


02 Nov 2011

TheatreWorks Anything Goes

Anything Goes 2011 – TheatreWorks annual gala event photography

TheatreWorks Artistic Director and Founder Robert Kelley addresses his Anything Goes guests.

Donated confection items make up the ever popular "Dessert Dash."

Guests wearing TheatreWorks costumes bid on grand prizes throughout the evening.

02 Oct 2011

Clementine in the Lower 9

Clementine in the Lower 9 – TheatreWorks production
Production Photography

Jack Koenig as "Jaffy," Laiona Michelle as his wife "Clementine," and their son Matt Jones as "Reginald"

Jayne Deely and Matt Jones

09 Sep 2011

Clementine in the Lower 9

TheatreWorks presents Clementine in the Lower 9
Publicity Photography

Kenny Brawner as “Chorus,” Laiona Michelle as “Clementine” and Jack Koenig as “Jaffy”

TheatreWorks official publicity poster – Laiona Michelle and Jack Koenig

23 Aug 2011

Sense and Sensibility

TheatreWorks production of Sense and Sensibility – Production photography

Katie Fabel & Jennifer Le Blanc

Michael Scott McLean, Katie Fabel, Marc Anderson Phillips, Jennifer Le Blanc, Alexander Lenarsky & Lucy Littlewoood

Katie Fabel


16 Aug 2011

Little Rock

TheatreWorks 2011 New Works Festival presentation of Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj’s “Little Rock”
Cast of Little Rock

Freeman M. Coffey, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Michelle E. Jordan & Andrea Brembry

Wydetta Carter

10 Aug 2011

Sense and Sensibility Publicity

TheatreWorks Sense and Sensibility Publicity Images
Thomas Gorrebeeck, Jennifer LeBlanc, Michael Scott Mclean & Katie Fabel

Jennifer LeBlanc, Michael Scott Mclean & Katie Fabel

Katie Fabel &  Jennifer LeBlanc

13 Jul 2011

Fly by Night

TheatreWorks Fly by Night
Kristin Stokes , Wade Mccollum

Ian Leonard, Kristin Stokes

Rachel Spencer Hewitt, Ian Leonard

17 Jun 2011

TheatreWorks Fly by Night

TheatreWorks publicity imagery for Fly by Night
Wade McCollum (Narrator), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (Daphne), Kristin Stokes (Miriam), Ian Leonard (Harold)

Kristin Stokes (Miriam) & Wade McCollum (Narrator)

Rachel Spencer Hewitt (Daphne) & Ian Leonard (Harold)

30 May 2011

title of show

{title of show] by TheatreWorks. Production imagery: Mark Kitaoka
Ian Leonard & Jamison Stern

Ian Leonard, Farah Alvin, Laura Jordan & Jamison Stern

Laura Jordan, Ian Leonard, Jamison Stern & Farah Alvin

11 May 2011

[title of show]

TheatreWorks [title of show] Publicity Imagery
Laura Jordan, Ian Leonard, Farah Alvin & Jamison Stern

Laura Jordan, Jamison Stern, Ian Leonard & Farah Alvin

03 May 2011

TheatreWorks 2011 2012 Season Publicity

TheatreWorks 2011/12 Season Publicity Imagery

Sense and Sensibility

The Secret Garden