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Tag : We Players

11 May 2012

The Odyssey on Angel Island

Production photography from We Players¬†“The Odyssey on Angel Island” Directed by Ava Roy

James Udom as Telemachus travels to the land of the dead

Caroline Parsons In the land of the Lotus Eaters

James Udom as Telmachus and Michael Moerman as Mentor in the background

21 Apr 2012

We Players The Odyssey

Publicity photography for We Player’s The Odyssey on Angel Island

30 Oct 2010

Hamlet on Alcatraz

Beginning in September 2010 We Player’s performed a site specific play of Hamlet on Alcatraz. Audiences traversed around the famous island as actors performed and audiences interacted in a palpable way with the drama that is the story of Hamlet. Director Ava Roy, her cast and crew garnered critical acclaim for this remarkable production.

Carly Cioffi in the role of Gertrude

Benjamin Stowe as Laertes duels Andrus Nichols as Hamlet

Steve Boss as one of the “Ghosts”