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1 1/3 more stops of light for $12 bucks!

The other day I got a little bitty reflector for my Flashpoint eVOLV 200s called the eVOLV 200 Mini Reflector. I thought to myself “How cute, I wonder what I’d use this for?” You see I have TONS of small reflectors that must have come with other stuff I’ve purchased over time. I seldom use any of the mini ones, but have tried to figure out how to use them ‘in some way.’ I recently did a test of the new AD-B2 mounts for my eVOLV 200s and discovered that they produce more light than the S Brackets I’ve been using. Most likely it’s due to light not escaping through the back of the bracket and the more reflective surface of the AD-B2 over the S Bracket. So after watching the solar eclipse this morning I thought I’d do a little test with the new cute reflector. I placed one eVLOV200 into one of my many S Brackets using the 7″ cone that came with one of my xPLOR600 strobes. Next I did the same thing but added the little reflector I received to the cone. Here are my results:

All shot at 1:1 with the eVOLV200. The bare bulb in the S Bracket was pushed so that the collar of the bare bulb bracket was flush with the base of the cone. Light pointed directly at my Sekonic L358 set to a shutter speed of 1/100th, ISO 100 from 10 feet away.

  • S Bracket with 7″ cone: f18
  • S Bracket with 7: cone AND the mini cone: f29
The reflector in the foreground is the eVOLV 200 Mini Reflector. The others, I cannot recall where I got them from….
That little eVOLV 200 Mini Reflector fits perfectly inside!
My current collection of little reflectors. The eVOLV 200 Mini Reflector is in the middle.

And yes it will work inside a softbox too, you will need to push the reflector onto the bulb once the softbox is installed into the S Bracket.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to increase the light output of your 200, this is a pretty inexpensive way other than some DIY options. Just posted this as an FYI.

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