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Canon 1DX with Sigma Art 50 vs. Fuji X100s with TCL X100

Today while I was conducting a commercial session I decided to run a quick test. I wanted to compare my work camera, the Canon 1DX using Sigma’s new Art 50mm Lens against my Fuji X100S with the TCL X100 teleconverter attached. Both images were shot using the same studio strobes and modifiers. Camera settings on both units was ISO 200, 1/160th shutter speed, f6.3. Obviously both focal lengths were 50mm.

For those who may be sneaky, I’ve removed the EXIF data. It’s quite remarkable what the little Fuji paired with the TCL X100 can do. After all it’s only about a $6,049.00 difference at suggested retail! Smile or no smile, which is which?

No smile


Pixel Peepers, I’ve added 100% crops. If you believe the task at hand is to peep it’s not. The point is how remarkable a teleconverter on the X100S can perform.



10 thoughts on “Canon 1DX with Sigma Art 50 vs. Fuji X100s with TCL X100”

  1. i really can.t tell which is the fuji shot but i will guess; that it is the smiley shot, i still have the original x100 and will never part with it

  2. I have no idea but when will the details be shared. I have an x100 and recently bought a TCL so I’m curious to see which is which. And hopefully you’ll write more about the TCL too!

  3. X100s is the 1st one a slight bit of extra dof. 2nd one has a little bit more detail probably 1DX. Notwithstanding that and amazingly there are very minor differences.

    • “Notwithstanding that and amazingly there are very minor differences.”

      The WHOLE POINT of posting this is EXACTLY what you’ve sighted. A teleconverter this remarkable is quite astounding. Don’t want one, don’t buy one. But for my money I’ll use it in commercial work when the focal length and the advantages of a leaf shutter or silent operation is the order of the day.

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