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From Suit to Shooter

I started as a suit, a corporate climber, chaser of money, hopeful head of a corporation. Two kids later with college looming I got stuck in my own golden handcuffs as COO for a Fortune 100 company. The kids grew as did the tuition and careers as industries changed for me. But I always remembered the days in high school where I took portraits of young women to meet young women and the tactile feeling and smell of developing my own photos remained hypnotic. And then one day after the kids had graduated I was called into my bosses’ office and told “My position had been eliminated.” So at 50 I decided that there was no way I was going to interview with 30somethings and be asked “What is your five year plan?” Answering “Fuck You” would not be conducive to getting a job, so I opted to man up and begin my career as a pro photographer for the arts.


Why the arts? As a suit I encountered people who pretended to be someone else. In the arts I met people who were themselves but whose job was to play other people. And the reality of why I love photography is not the shot, it’s the people. Actors, musicians, script writers, dancers, acrobats the list is endless. And did ‘they’ enter their careers to chase money? Not at all, they entered their world for the simple love of what they do with others who love what they do. And in return I not only get to do what I love to do, but with people who I adore. Do I miss Direct Deposits, vacation time/health benefits? Those facets can be planned and bought. What I get now can only be earned with passion and love.

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Mark you may be the world’s most fascinating man! You have an amazing eye and create such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Love your passion for what you do.

Mark, Been away for a while with botched eye surgery :(.

Had a lot of time to think about my photo work. I had been so busy that I was going through the motions and completing jobs by choosing from an ever smaller and less challenging set of solutions.
Lying on my face for a week and then just lying down for another 3 weeks let me unwind from the drone of thoughts/appointments/deadlines and really think about what I love to do and how I want to attack my work.
I appreciate your outlook and your work and am glad to catch up with your excellent posts.

This is why you excel at your creativity……….you are passionate about the subjects, they haunt your dreams, and capturing those dreams in a photograph is your medium for realizing those dreams……..same as any dancer, actor, singer, graphic artist, musician,….need I go on? You are one with your art and with all who are in the arts.
Love ya!
By the way. Loving your website!!!