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Fuji X100S in Commercial Use

My X100S was utilized in a commercial shoot for Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 2014 Beethoven Festival Banner (80 feet by 18 feet) which hangs on the side of their building. I chose to make the image with this camera due to its leaf shutter. This was shot with a studio strobe and a parabolic 51″ modifier at f11, 1/640 shutter speed to reduce the ambient light.  

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That’s quite a capable litt’l fellow! Congrats, the real master is light creator

Sorry, I am so heavily into the XE1 bodies that I forgot that the X100 is a leaf shutter camera and can synch at any speed. Don’t I feel silly. Still curious as the strobe or strobes you used.

What can one say but WOW! Beautiful image by a photographer who knows his equipment. The X100S is “S”imply amazing. Now I want one even more.

[…] searching the web for information about his new toy. He happened upon an article I wrote about using the X100S for commercial photography. After looking at some of my commercial images he yelled down to Cristine, “Hey Honey, you […]

[…] I killed the noon day ambient with the X100S by shooting at a shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second at f4.5 ISO 200. Just like that I had the exposure I wanted for the shot. In this case I found that using a ‘wrench’ instead of a ‘hammer’ was the right tool for the job. This was my second time using the little Fuji for the DSO and I could not be happier. My other shot can be seen here. […]

[…] work while searching the web for his Christmas present from Cristine, a Fuji X100S. I had written a short article about using the Fuji in some of my commercial work. He saw the imagery I had created for the […]