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Godox XT32C Test


I had watched an excellent video review by Shoms Photography about the Godox XT32C trigger.  Two primary reasons prompted me to purchase and try the trigger. First and foremost he mentioned that his favorite trigger is the PCB CyberCommander and to date I too have yet to find a better transmitter. Now IF YOU plan on trying to argue with me ‘to be right’ like a forum troll, don’t bother. I’ve used transmitters from almost every major player and in six years of using strobes professionally I have yet to find a better transmitter for my purposes – period. The second reason is my first Godox transmitter was their FT16 which in my usage was a bullet proof and very reliable and simple transmitter. I felt that the new XT32 seemed to be the same in terms of simplicity compared to the X1 units I’ve been using for HSS and Second Curtain Sync. The XT32 is not ETTL capable, but I’m not a TTL user, so no big deal.

The other issue is the X1’s are limited to A-E or five different groups. Granted most of my sessions only involved five or fewer strobes, but there have been times when I’ve used up to 12 different strobes in a session. My PCB Cybercommander allows me up to 16 different groups so only having the option of five was a bit disappointing. With the XT32 I now have the option of 0-8 AND A-F or a total of 15 possible groups. Sure I’d have to purchase 10 XTR16 USB trigger to utilize all 15 groups, but they are so inexpensive it would be acceptable. (A-E on my AD600/Xplor 600 units and F+0-8 using XTR16 USB receivers)


Godox XTR16

I also found after receiving and testing my XT32 transmitter that the number of non fires were reduced to only one out of 199 shots. This was when I used the H600 remote heads as well which affected the number of non fires in my first test. In my previous test of the H600 and XT1 out of 180 shots I experienced 33 non fires or 18.3%. With the XT32 transmitter 1 non fire out of 199 yields only 0.5%! I’ll take that any day! And the conditions I used were the same as when I tested the X1 transmitter.


Only one shot out of 199 had a non fire with the XT32C. Wonderful!


Using the XTR16 USB plug in receiver on the Xplor600 with a remote head. NO non fires. The only unit that performed 100% fires in my test was the PCB Einstein.

In actual operation, in addition to improved non fire performance for me the XT32 beats the X1 in its simplicity of operation. Rather than having to press the middle key on the X1 either once or twice to move up or down to different channels, you simply roll the wheel on the XT32 in channel mode to change channels. There are plenty of other operations that are just more intuitive on the XT32 than the X1. The only reason I will use my X1 is when I want to combine my PCB Einsteins in combination with my AD600/Xplor600 units. Because the X1 has a hotshoe I can install my CyberSync transmitter into the X1’s hotshoe to fire my Einsteins. A great option. Also for second curtain sync I can specify that option on my 1DX Mark II menu and shoot second curtain sync at any speed. My knowledge of the X1 is that second curtain is only at 1/30th of a second or below. It’s really nice that it’s automatic, but there are times I want to use a speed a bit faster than 1/30 so having that option with the XT32 is wonderful.

14 thoughts on “Godox XT32C Test”

  1. Hi, I am using a Fuji XT1 and Cactus V6 transceiver Mk 2’s ( one on camera and one on AD600 ) to use in HSS
    My prob is that I cannot adjust the power remotely… could I use the Godox XT32C in conjuction with the Cactus units to adjust the power…
    ie – piggy back the Godox on the Cactus unit?

    Mike 🙂

  2. Hi Mark I have a question for you. I use Einsteins with cybersync transmitter in camera hotshoe and cyber commander in my hand. I want to incorporate some Godox speedlights and I know I can use X1 with cybersync transmitter on top but what I’d like is to have XT32 in my hand just like commander and use it to control speed lights. Can X1 be a dummy transmitter like cybersync or it would clash with Xt32? I hope I’m making myself clear. Thanks a lot. Sasa.

    • Sasa you can do what you are describing, but keep in mind that the Godox transmitter that actually fires the strobes will override the settings you are making with the handheld unit in your case the XT32. As an example if you adjust the strobe with the XT32 in hand to 1/8th and then fire the strobe with the X1 on camera and that unit is set to 1/4 the strobe will change to 1/4 when fired. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Mark. I wonder if you might have figured out how to remotely set different powerlevels of two AD600 (or any other flashlight) with the XT32… One at 1/8 and the other at 1/2 e.g. Any idea how that works?
    If i put them in different channels, only one of them will be triggered…
    I would appreciate any help since the manual says nothing about that.

    • Hi Gordon,
      The channels are different than groups. Channels are 1-xx, Groups are A-E. Assign your strobes to a group and then you can change the power level of each group. Make sure they are all on the same channel.

  4. Hi Mark,

    Are you using all Flashpoint Xplor 600 HSS TTL now even for in studio shooting or do you still use your Einsteins indoors?

    Looking to purchase (5) new studio strobes and would love to hear your opinion for a studio with no natural light.

    Hope you are healthy and well!

    All the best,
    – Adam

    • Hi Adam I had used Einsteins exclusively for my strobe work, but no longer use them for studio or on location. I now use the Xplor600 line exclusively for all of my in studio or on location work. I would highly recommend using Xplor600 strobes for your studio work. If you are really nervous about the batteries not lasting, then simply purchase the AC adapter back to the 600s. I have one, but never use it because the batteries last so long.

  5. I currently have a pair of AD360’s. I would like to add one more light to phase out my Nikon speedlite and X1 receiver. Would you add a 600 or a 200 for a 3 light setup? I have a 36″ Cheetah ricebowl and a 60 inch umbrella. As a hair light, the 200 with the barn doors seems pretty cool. Weight is a concern as I have to transport my gear.

    Thanks for your review of the X32. I’m going to replace my X1 transmitter.

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