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Sur Ron Light Bee Review

48 thoughts on “Sur Ron Light Bee Review”

  1. Can you tell me your height and weight? I am 6.1 and 245lbs just wondering about this being able to handle my big rear end.

    • Hi Casey I’m 5-8, 180#. I’m not sure if you’ve read this article, but the guy is even taller than you at 6-7. Having said that you are about the same height and close to the weight of the Luna Cycle guys who ride them all the time. I love the aforementioned article author’s statement, “Would I ever buy one of these? I really want to, but the problem is that my wife has promised to stop making love to me if I gain any more weight. We’re already doing the Brazilian butt lift twice a day and I had to join a gym. When I get this bike I would totally stop riding all my other ebikes and end up getting pretty fat. Do I want this bike? More than I’ve ever desired any other electric motorcycle before. The combination of build quality and price makes this Emoto sit squarely in a place where there is currently absolutely no competition in the US market”

  2. Great article with good inspiration for me! Please keep updating us on further improvements you might do on the bike!


  3. “I realize this is my photography site. But I like to post things I’m passionate about and two wheeled vehicles DEFINITELY fit in that category. They have occupied my thoughts and activities my entire life. So for you photographers looking for my latest assessment of a strobe, modifier or something similar, keep moving along.”

    Far from being irrelevant, these posts “bring” you down from the “God of Photography” level to just another human with real other interests. Love these articles even though I don’t ride anything with less than 3 wheels 😀

    Have a wonderful day Mark. 🙂

    • Lol thank you Tien. I put my pants on like everyone else one leg at a time. Never ridden a three wheeler tho…..

      • 🙂 remember those banned 3 wheels atv? I guess they weren’t as safe as I thought. Recently I rode on a 3 wheeler that I would highly recommend to anyone: a tuk-tuk. Ok so it’s not the vehicle itself but rather, a trip to Thailand is a great vacation. $6 1-hour massage, ride elephant and bottle feed tiger, lion, and leopard. great food and lots of beautiful sceneries (beaches, temples, people). If you r interested, drop me a line and I can send you the contact of our tour guide 🙂

  4. hi, do you know of anything in between in terms of power/price of the sur ron and the zero & alta motors dirt bikes?

    something like 20 hp?

  5. What is your max speed in eco mode with the 60 tooth sprocket? Im tring to max out at 20mph to be legal on arizona bike paths.

    • Hi Jeff I can’t really say because the Sur Ron speed indicator is not calibrated for the 60t, only for the stock 48t. The max speed in EP mode with the 48t was 31MPH on mine, but I have the pedal kit which reduces the overall speed slightly. Controlling the throttle on bike paths will keep you within the legal limit. When I ride on paths, I seldom go over 15 MPH which is the limit posted on the ones I ride.

      • Thank you! Can you download the SpeedBox ap on your smart phone and give it a try for me on your next outing? I love Speedbox as it gives your GPS speed/max speed/ elevation change data as you ride. My new Arizona laws require a max of 20 mph for any electrical assistance and peddles to make the surron a class 2 e-bike for bike path use. So before i purchase a 60t I thought i would hit up the community for a clear answer. Not sure if you still use or have mounted your 60t for this tryout. If not ill keep poking around. I’ve been in touch with Luna on this subject and they’re giving an estimate of 20-22 mph w/60t in eco mode. So with me being 200lb 6’1” I think this could be my answer. Love your surron writeup by the way. Thx for your reply.

        • Hey Jeff I use the Ulysse app on my phone. Prior to replacing the 60t with my stock 48t I would record 32 MPH in sport mode as my top speed on level ground. I never tried it in EP mode. And remember this was before I installed the new X controller which adds about 10% more top end in addition to all of the other features it adds. So unless the AZ DMV is actually going to test your bike I would suggest that you ride in EP mode on bike paths with the 60t. But keep in mind that even though the law says you must limit your speed to a max of 20 MPH on bike paths riding SLOWER than 20 if the flow of walking/biking/skating on the path would dictate YOU traveling at a slower pace. I get pissed when I see bicycle road riders hauling ass on a bike path as if they feel it’s their personal racetrack. Depending on my ‘mood’ I ‘may’ put my bike into Sport mode and blow by them yelling, slow the fuck down.

      • I’ve been researching these and I’m pretty impressed with the reviews so far. I’ll be picking one up by the end of the year. The question I have, is where are you riding this at? I live in Felton and have a ton of random trails I can barge. I believe you’re in the bay area somewhere? Do the mountain bikers give you shit? Or the kids out at Shells? Just curious what to expect around here with all of the self righteous Palo Alto types… Yes, I work at Tesla and know the reality of this area. lol


        • Hey Shane amen to the Bay Area ‘nuances’ LOL! Felton would be a FANTASTIC area for the Sur Ron. I would recommend buying the pedal kit which in reality does not do ANYTHING to propel the bike forward, but appears to be a bicycle. Like all things, yes MTB types will shun or complain about you being on MTB trails. I ride up off of Hwy 35, Tunitas Canyon road and other places. I have yet to ride in PA, nor do I plan to do so. I have a CA moped plate which also allows me to ride at OHV parks in our area. For me I will only say that the Sur Ron is the best ‘motorcycle’ I’ve ever owned. It’s truly a chameleon. I can ride it on bike paths, on the street, on trails or at OHV parks. Not being an asshole wherever I’m riding makes a huge difference. Because I’ve raced motorcycles all of my life I don’t have to prove I have a big dick on the street or anywhere else for that matter.

          While I’m on that subject I’ve owned Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles. I’ve worked on all others as well. The Sur Ron is Honda quality in my view for construction and build. Captured fasteners, reinforced structures are just like Honda. I’m a complete idiot for battery stuff and do not pretend to know about that aspect. BUT Luna and Eric are experts in that field and highly recommend the battery pack.

          The Sur Ron is not a motorcycle nor is it a bicycle. Much like when Steve Jobs came out with the iPad which was neither a phone nor a computer. I’m not trying to turn my Sur Ron into a motorcycle or a bicycle. I’m fully appreciating a new segment it has built, just like Tesla.

  6. For some reason my stock bash plate was aluminum?
    Also found out the X-controller was a one off deal. The manufacturer as of now has not agreed to sell them anymore. 🙁
    Next thing is to look for new foot pegs. The stock ones are very slippery when muddy or wet.

    • I placed a magnet against the stocker and it did not adhere. The X controller was a limited run and I believe Luna is attempting to convince Sur Ron to import more into the US. The type of boot soles you wear will also have an affect on traction no matter what brand of pegs you buy. I learned this in my desert/motocross days.

      • Alpinestars tech 10 most of the time some times just tennis when I am checking stuff around the acreage.
        I did remove all the bolts and anti seized them. Some were getting corrosion on the threads.
        Like you web site info on this bike/motorcycle!

  7. Well I got my skid plate installed. Good new they must of fixed the alignment mounting problems. Less than a 5 min job now. 🙂 Bad new the welds are just plane ugly now. Good thing you can’t see them.

    • Hi Ed, sorry for taking a bit to get back to you. Been slammed with work. It’s quite easy to obtain your moped plate in CA. Just fill out this DMV form, send it in with your check for 22.00. It’s a lifetime plate meaning there is no annual registration like on a car or motorcycle. So once you pay your 22.00 that’s it for life unless you lose your plate or sell the bike. The moped rules are pretty easy, a DOT approved helmet, the bike cannot go over 30MPH on any public road and you must possess a valid M1 license. Here is a link to the CA rules.

      To fill out the form use the VIN listed on the head tube of the bike. Although it is not a 17 digit VIN or contain any letters that’s all you need. The engine number can be located at the bottom of the bike. You can view it looking in toward the engine from the shock side. I didn’t bother to write my engine number down on the form and it did not affect me getting a plate. I would recommend not using spaces or dashes in the VIN or other places. I have heard that others have been denied due to entering those characters.

      It took me 15 days to get my plate. Once you see that your check has cleared it only takes a few business days to get your plate. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your informative and ongoing review. I’m curious about three things if you don’t mind: 1) Please comment on the pedal system, is it just for looks or can the Sur Ron actually be pedaled, 2) any further thoughts on adding bearings to the kit, 3) Have you removed the moto kit to keep the pedals or have you found a way to have both?

    • Hi Dan,
      1. I would NOT have purchased the Sur Ron had it not been offered with a pedal kit. Be aware that the kit does NOT propel the bike forward but DOES engage the chain and WILL move the bike forward. At about 2 MPH. 2. I have not added bearings to the kit, but obtained another set because mine was defective. Now I have no play whatsoever in the pedal kit so I’m satisfied. 3. I have not reinstalled my super moto kit because I have found most of my time is either offroad or getting to offroad areas. But should I decide to install the smaller 42t sprocket I purchased a 420 chain that will fit the SM kit with the pedals.

      • Thanks Mark. Still contemplating a purchase and the pedals help with a flimsy e-bike argument I am making in my head. I appreciate you sharing so much great info here.

        • Glad if it helps Dan. I’m paying forward information I’ve gleaned from owning the bike and from other users.

          • Hi Mark,

            I just purchased a Sur ron x. And am to inpatient to Wait for Luna to restock Super Moto Kit. Would you consider selling yours to me if you still have it?

            Please let me know

            Thanks and Be Safe!

            Best regards,

            Cody Weaver

          • Hi Cody I have contacted a guy here locally who wanted to buy the set. If he does not get back to me I’ll let you know. Enjoy your new bike.

  9. I plan on getting one to commute to college for a total 15 miles round trip. I will save ton of money compared to Zero and even ev autos.

    Would you recommend this for my application?

    And as a engineering student I can see me modding it a little to fit my speed needs. . Lol

    • Hi Benny, based on what you’ve written YES it would serve your needs well. 30 miles is a very safe estimate for the number of miles on one charge. Oh and ‘modding’ stuff isn’t limited to engineers! LOL even us non engineers love modding this bike!

  10. Hi Mark,
    I just received my moped license plate, thank you for the guidance, and it was only $18.00!

    I’m really interested in your fork conversion, and hoping you’ll be posting instruction, tools, and how to obtain such a low cost for the very expensive forks?

    Thanks Again!

    • Hi Ed, so glad you got your moped plate, congratulations. I’m currently working on an update about my bike which is about my new Cane Creek headset and the Manitou Dorado Pro inverted forks. Stay tuned, publishing this weekend.

  11. Hi Mark,

    A few questions for you regarding the fork upgrade.

    The RST Killah fork to crown measurement is 560mm and the Manitou Dorado fork to crown measurement is 567/591mm. Have you noticed any differences with the taller fork hight?

    Would the Manitou Dorado 27.5” (fork to crown measurement @ 582/606, which is a little over a 1/2 compared to the 26” Dorado) be up for consideration?

    As always, thanks for you advice and input!

    • Hi Ed I have specified in my blog post what the measurement is for the RST from bottom bearing race to the top of the steering stem. The ‘fork height’ can be adjusted by lowering or raising the forks in the bottom triple clamp. This will affect the height of the forks, I left the the bottom triple clamp height set by the Manitou factory which is all the way to the bottom most portion of the fork tubes. If you can feel the difference by adjusting the height, do so to your taste.

  12. Congratulations for your setup! I’m also configuring my Sur Rom and I have a question: Can you get the map of motor wiring?

  13. Hi Mark,
    Very much appreciate your sharing of modifications and details, as Ive been incorporating allot of them onto my Light Bee. Plan on posting some photo’s very soon. Sure would like to get a 21” front wheel built or purchase one assembled, if possible? Can you support with a process and/or details?


  14. Mark,

    I found your review on the Sur-Ron. It’s the most in depth one I have seen–great job! I was wondering if I could ask a question or two? You wrote that the build seems almost Honda quality but I noticed you replaced suspension and other parts with some pretty high end equipment. What are your thoughts about stock durability? If I leave it stock will I absolutely destroy it if I bash it offroad? If I do destroy parts, I guess it is easy to replace or upgrade? How many hours do you have on yours? I ride downhill mountain bikes and enduro race dirt bikes, so I’m pretty sensitive to quality. I love the price and concept of the Sur-Ron though!



    • Hi Chris! Yes the Sur Ron IS HONDA QUALITY in my view. Even with my Honda’s, an F4, a VTR, an RC51 I either revalved the forks/shock with Race Tech stuff or replaced them with Ohlins forks and shocks. As I worked on bikes over the years I noticed the weld quality, captured fasteners rather than just a bolt and loose nut, etc. match Honda. The ‘lowest’ quality bikes I’ve worked on were Suzuki’s. Don’t mistake me ‘improving’ the bike because of low quality. I’d simply ask how many bikes you’ve owned where you have done NOTHING to customize it to your style of riding or taste? I rode it bone stock for some time and not easily. My first improvement was for the forks. Being accustomed to Ohlins R/T forks and shocks spoiled me for great suspension. How could I expect a 3500.00 ebike to have suspension that was top shelf? I had a blast on the bike and could have left it alone if that’s how I normally roll with MTBs or motorcycles.

      “Bashing” is all relative. If you’re the type of downhill MTBer like those in RedBull Rampage and weigh 250+ pounds then the Sur Ron ain’t for you. Like I’ve said here the SR is a ‘new’ segment much like the iPad was when it debuted. Somewhere between a cell phone and laptop computer back in the day. Now of course ‘everyone’ knows what a tablet is and what most people use it for. But back then they did not. For me that’s where the SR lives, somewhere between a full suspension MTB and a small displacement off road motorcycle. I’ve owned mine since June 2018 and have 1300 miles on her. In terms of hours? I ride almost every day. Not sure on hours and I don’t use it to commute to work like some owners do. Mine is purely for recreation and 95% of those miles are off road. Bump City by my home has loads of great jumps. I like jumping since my old motocross days! Hell my old MX bikes had 6″ of front fork travel! The SR has 8! LOL

      No one can tell you it if will be right for you. And for those who expect the SR to perform and endure the abuse of a full blown two or four stroke 125cc bike they’ll be disappointed. I’m not one who attempts to pigeonhole the SR into a MTB or Motobike category. I will just say that of ALL the bikes I’ve owned, MX, street and road race it’s the BEST BIKE FOR FUN I’VE EVER OWNED.

  15. Mark,
    Thanks for a great ongoing report. One thing I possibly missed is real range numbers in rough country riding. I see your ride numbers and some numbers elsewhere, but few real “safe” actual mileages at old guy speeds. At this point in my almost 70 year life, I’m not ready to give up offroad, but XR’s and my current TTR are heavier and taller than they were, and owning an electric tractor at one point and presently a highly modded “Velocifero MAD” as a home utility vehicle, have completely sold me on quiet power. I still manage 30/40 miles off road, but would only truly feel saved from pushing by a 50’ish number. Can you give a guesstimate on what you actually get? I weigh 170 with gear.
    Arizona requires a title for off-road riding, so that is also an issue (conflicting reports from DMV), but it may be possible with frame number and bill of sale.
    Thanks again for very informative writing (and pics!)

    • Hey Steve I’m not too far behind you in terms or chronology! So how far is ‘safe’ depends on so many factors. Topography, speed, wind, etc. Also if you remain in Sport or EP modes. In my experience of about a year the bike will easily go 25 miles in Sport mode offroad with loads of topography. I can eek out 40ish miles in EP mode on relatively flat ground. I think that 50 miles is too enthusiastic for this bike. I weigh 180 with gear. Also if you’re in sand a lot it will eat battery life like keeping the throttled pinned a lot.

      • Thanks for your quick response. I have been shopping Sur Ron as well as GasGas eContact and Electric Motion Escape. The Sur Ron appears the most cost effective and readily available and maybe better for desert trails. I do have lots of sand where I ride, but have been avoiding it the last few years when I can (Shoulder surgery…). I’ve also thought of backpacking a battery as they’re not too heavy, but that’s an expensive and possibly complicated option. More likely I will be ready to think about shorter rides. Anyway, I’ll keep checking out your article and am sure others find it as practical and interesting as I do.

        • Thanks Steve. Since I’m NOT a paid spokesperson or employee for any of this I do it to support others who are interested in the Sur Ron. All EVs have a range limit and the Sur Ron is no exception. I ‘use to enjoy’ long motorcycle rides, 100+ miles until I needed a rest or piss stop. And of course gassing up at any station was really convenient. But this bike is unlike any other two wheeled vehicle I’ve owned or ridden. It’s not like my eMTB which is a Haibike Fullnine RC. It’s not like my motorcycles. It’s right in between those things, a new segment if you will. You’re old enough to recall times before ATM cards and before iPads. In both of those cases people ‘tried to imagine’ what this new thing is for, what are the bad points. It’s just human nature. I too questioned the iPad. It wasn’t a phone or a laptop, what the hell would I use it for? Now in my photography business I cannot imagine NOT using it. And for those who never lived with banks being open only 10-3 Monday through Thursday and until 6pm on Fridays, no direct deposit and using checks to get cash at grocery stores up to 20.00…..you get my point.

  16. Hello,

    Can you tell me your Sur Ron’s Font&Back mudguard brand and part number?
    Looks slick and dope


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