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Portable iPad Stand

Like most photographers I am always trying to figure out how to travel as light as possible and configure my gear for multipurpose use. As a full time commercial photographer I often shoot on location and travel. Since I always shoot wirelessly tethered to my laptop in studio or  through my iPad on location, having a convenient stand that enables my clients to immediately review images is a key factor. I have used Tether Tools products for quite some time for my iPad, specifically their Wallee Connect System. Recently they introduced a new, smaller Wallee Connect Lite that I felt would better suit my needs.

I had originally used their Wallee Connect with a Pedco Ultra Clamp to attach the Wallee to a light stand or anything convenient. What I found is that I would either have to pack an extra light stand on location or attached the Wallee/Pedco combination to an existing light stand when other things like a fence or rail was not available. The issue with attaching the combo to a light stand I was using with a light is it was not always a convenient location to my client’s vantage point.

I decided to combine a small Polaroid Travel Tripod with the Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite. Viola! the combination is perfect for my needs. It allows me to place the iPad anywhere I want and serves a dual purpose. Once I get back to my hotel room and begin to edit the images, the Polaroid tripod collapses small enough to fit on my desktop and allows me to have a stand for my iPad as I work on my laptop.

Yes, the whole configuration is just a bit larger than my Pedco/Wallee combination, but the convenience outweighs the extra gear space. It may not serve your needs, but for mine it’s a perfect and cost effective combination.

Polaroid Travel Tripod

Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite

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