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Presentation Site Update

I have often captured the performance imagery of artists who are dancers be they ballet, tango or jazz along with those who are musicians or actors during live performances. And in the past I have tortured my fellow photographer friends by well, photographing them! As we all know photographers make the very worst subjects since they are accustomed to being on the ‘safe’ side of the lens.

There is another art form that I always marvel at, but never photograph – design. I happen to be very fortunate to have my very own live in designer, Tracy who I’ve written about numerous times on this page. Today she released my new pro site at:

I have often fancied myself as a amateur designer, but as I look upon how she designed and executed my site, the reality of just how elementary my skills are is evident. I wrote to a friend yesterday that looking at my work through the site she developed is akin to appreciating the frame that holds the art more than the art itself! Another friend wrote “Congratulations you lucky dog. Great lady….great work.” Amen brother, I’m right there with you. Thanks Tracy for so many things.

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