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ResMed Air Mini Travel Cases – Non Photo related

This little expandable lunch box fits all of my AirMini CPAP supplies in one small and luggage strap-able container!

I have noticed that so many of the reviews/recommendations are from companies who sell the unit and because of that I’m always cautious of their views. There is one site I found well done that is NOT a company, but a user. His review can be found here. Accessories for almost all medical devices are expensive, or more expensive than I feel they need to be so I opted to find products that fit the AirMini as good or better than ResMed’s own products. And that’s what I want to share here.

ResMed offers two different cases for the AirMini. One is the $29.99 ResMed AirMini CPAP Machine Travel Bag that just holds the AirMini CPAP device. The other is the $61.00 ResMed AirMini Travel Bag which holds all of the needed AirMini items, the CPAP, the hose, the mask, the power brick, etc.

First off although I’m sure both of those cases are of good quality I felt that they were way overpriced for protective carrying cases. Plus the $61.00 carry all travel bag does not have a strap to hold the bag onto my rolling luggage handle. Perhaps it does, but I could not see it in any of the photos. So here is what I found that performs great for less money:

$17.99 MIER Insulated Lunch Box Bag Expandable Lunch Pack

Here you can see that it has two separate handles. The one that goes across the lid is the one I use as a strap for my luggage handle. Fits perfectly as you can see in the opening photo of this post. I store the shoulder strap in the cover pocket.

Yep a lunch bag and expandable to boot!

Everything stores inside this expandable lunch sack without needing to be expanded. Nice to have the option to enlarge it though! You can see that I use the Mavic Pro drone controller case to hold the AirMini CPAP. It’s like it was made for it! BTW the power strip in this photo is one I carry to use with my CPAP in the event the wall plug is further away than the AirMini’s power cord will reach. It also has four USB power connections which I find really convenient.
Everything fits nicely and there’s even a separate sleeve for the hose. BTW I use the P10 mask so if you use the larger ones just expand the lunchbox to accommodate it! Done!
All buttoned up and ready to go. Nice and small.

$14.99 DEEPLITE Hardshell Carrying Case for DJI Mavic Pro Drone

I fly a drone for my work and it comes with two cases. The smaller top case meant for the Mavic Pro’s controller fits the AirMini unit perfectly.

The larger hard case that is actually meant for the Mavic Pro drone fits everything but the AirMini hose! Another nice option if you want to pack even smaller. May not be practical for the masks larger than the P10…

$10.95 Tupperware Black Smidget Set of 5 with clear seals

These little Tupperware containers are perfect for the HumidX disks! And they don’t break like glass holders.

I use one of the HumidX disks for only a week and then they go to waste since ResMed recommends that they only be used for 30 days after opening the airtight package. So I store them in the Tupperware containers after letting them dry out for one day after I return home. I also put the disk through my SoClean machine to allow ozone to disinfect the disk. I believe this will prolong their life and not having to throw them out after only a week’s worth of usage. I do replace them after 30 days of use, just not 30 days after I’ve opened the package. I wrote to ResMed to ask them the reason why the disks have a 30 day life, but never heard back. I will mention that when I took the AirMini camping the night temperature was around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and quite a bit of moisture accumulated in my hose. Just FYI.

Shacke Medical Equipment Luggage Tag for Respiratory Devices (Black / Vertical)

Pretty self-explanatory, I just want it clear to the TSA and airline staff that it’s medical equipment and doesn’t count as a carry on item.


As of this writing ResMed has yet to produce a battery for the AirMini. I have used two different ones when I was camping. The first is a battery pack I used for portable flash strobes, the PCB Vagabond Mini. It has two 110 pure sine wave outlets and one USB female outlet. Fully charged the unit lasted two full nights before needing to be charged. 

PCB Vagabond Mini

The second unit I used was a Romeo Power Saber. It contains a universal AC 110v outlet, two USB outlets and one USB-C outlet. I purchased this for my airline laptop/cell phone use. It lasts 10 hours using the AirMini and only takes 2 hours to fully charge from dead.

Romeo Power Saber

I’d recommend either of these units it just depends on the size/recharge time configuration you need at the time. Longer time? Vagabond Mini. Smaller footprint/faster recharging time? Romeo Saber.

I hope this post gives you more options for cases and portable power for your ResMed AirMini. If so I’m happy!

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The Kootek 2-Layers Travel Makeup Bag from Amazon also works well to hold your Airmini. It is 10″ X 9″ X 4.8″. The hose and mask is easily stored in the top layer, with the rest fitting in the partitioned bottom layer.