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Surprised? Me too!

Well, if you’ve happened over here you undoubtedly have seen something new. After three years, I have been pressured to get into the 21st century and leave my arcane Front Page HTML in the gutter. Truth be told I was pressured constantly by that damn Diane Varner of Diane Varner fame. She got a preview of this site and told Tracy, “Again you have made Mark look good.” What are friends for?

One of the main reasons I switched is because my former hosting company Shieldhost Suck, er I mean Shieldhost messed up my billing for the fifth time. I was so angered by their inept accounting, I recently purchased the domain name And yes, I will be developing a site for that domain along with taking them to court.

But back to this new and improved site. This was no small feat for many reasons, but despite my stubborn nature and Tracy’s constant support, coding ability and design skills, I present to you this site. My Musings are in WordPress and the blog utilizes PixelPost. The integration is all due to Tracy’s brain power and now I’m able to post images and have an RSS feed with not any adieu.

And the one thing I swore I’d never do was allow comments on my images. So many people have told me that they’d like to do it, I thought that for now I’d give it a try. I’m also doing something a bit unusual for a photo blog by allowing people to comment on my Musings. Gulp, this is all an experiment, so I may or may not disable that feature on both my thoughts and images.

And like with all things new there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out. Some of my images are not on this site yet, some of the links are squiggly, and I need to get accustomed to all of the new features Tracy has built into this thing. Plus since we’re both sitting side by side during an hour when most respectable couples are snuggled in bed, it’s time to go to bed! But I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep, since what she’s done for me is way exciting. On the other hand, she’s sitting next to me, arms crossed and damn pissed that she can’t figure out how she messed up my pro site’s gallery navigation. Well at least one of us will sleep well!

Thanks Tracy, you are indeed making me look very good on the web.

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It’s Damn Diane here…. Let me tell you, being famous is not as easy. The press always misspeaks for me and twists my words. To clear my good name, I would like to provide you, my fellow reader, with the FULL content of my quote regarding Mark’s new blog….

“Dear Tracy: Mark’s site looks fantastic! Seeing his images in that format really shows the consistency of his talent and at the same time, gives each image the individual viewing they deserve. Once again, you’ve made him look fabulous!”

So you see my kind, fellow readers of Mark Kitaoka, in his humbleness of his extraordinary talent, he was unable to decipher my compliment completely. Mark, I forgive you. Now get your tail-end out there and keep shooting! You might just become as famous as me ;o)

Ms. Damn Diane

Ms. Damn Diane,
You should know I have another name for you I use from time to time, That Varner Woman! 😉 Thanks for clarifying what you told T, but we all know you pressured me into using 21st Century blogging software by conspiring with Tracy dammit!

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.