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MAN! My pal Vernon Trent called me ‘lazy’ last night because I had not changed my Musings in a while.  Today Diane Varner writes the following to me in an email – “This is your subconscious….. “combine the images with my words…. combine the images with my words…. start a new blog…. combine the images with my words…. think outside of the box… words… images… words… images… ”

I complain to my friend and critic Leigh that I am ready to toss all of my gear into the trash or sell it on Ebay.  She immediately says, ‘I can’t wait to see what new work and direction you’ll come up with next!’


It’s bad enough when I feel sorry for myself, but to make matters worse, my own friends won’t allow me to wallow in the comfort of self pity and doubt.   It’s bad enough that gas is over $4.00 a gallon here in the Bay Area, but now this!

Tomorrow is Carnaval in SF and I can’t wait to shoot and write about it now. Damn subconscious!  Damn friends!

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