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20 Faces

Today, Friday March 13, 2009 is a very special day for me. 20 8 year old children will for the very first time show their photographic essays to the community at Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center. 20 kids who I had never known, or who had never known me. But over the past four weeks, I have come to know each of these kids, by name, by face and by voice. As they show their work today, stories about their families and friends, I will be both proud and humbled. They have given me more than I could ever describe. I started out to teach them, yet in their infinite wisdom through their actions have taught me something I never knew about myself.

20 faces can do that to anyone, even me.

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Hey Mark,

I see that things are going well indeed and I’m really happy you are having what appears to be such a great time with this very worthwhile project.

I gotta say though, I miss your involvement with 1X and certainly, I miss your pics!

Best regards,


Hi, Mark. I wonder if you would mind if I linked to your blog from mine? So inspiring!
Blessings – Roka