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My exhibit and my blessings

Forgive me if I don’t have a completely coherent musings right now.  I just returned from my reception and it really wore me out.  I fretted about it most of the day combining excitement and anxiety at the very same time. Yesterday both my son and I worried that no one would show up, but in the end, so many people attended my show.  It was a combination of those that I know and some I don’t.

What struck me the most is that people who I’ve come to know as friends and co workers appeared not necessarily to view my work, but to support my passion.  My mom wanted to know how to purchase a print of her own grandchildren.  A teen asked me to mentor her on photography.  The local high school music boosters asked me to photograph their annual honors concert for a second year.  A well known nature photographer came to my show and extended the beginnings of a friendship to both myself and Tracy.  Eugene’s co workers came in support of the man they both respect and love.  Frederika, Eugene’s friend was moved when she told me that she was happy to know that like her, I too believe we are all connected.  A man whose impact on my life is so profound found time to come to my show with only a few hours notice.  A friend I’ve known for over thirty years surprised me by being at my show.  Two of my daughter’s friends braved their strained relationship with her by attending my show knowing full well there may be tension, yet chose to do so to offer me congratulations and support. Vernon wrote from the heart today knowing that I has nervous about my reception.  Thelma re-launched her site and wrote something about me that took me aback.

Although today was suppose to be about my imagery, that took a back seat to the family, friends and visitors who came to support me.  How can one person be so very lucky?

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