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Giving Thanks

Today in the United States is Thanksgiving Day.  I had planned on taking a photograph that would embody some of the people and events for which I am eternally thankful, but ran out of time.  My family traveled from various places within California today and ended up at our home.  Tracy had made homemade pizza and everyone gathered around our table on Thanksgiving eve to catch up and share a meal.  Perhaps it is simply a preview of the ‘official’ Thanksgiving day, but it was a reminder of the reasons I am truly blessed.

I know that some families like to have each member speak of the reasons they are thankful during Thanksgiving dinner.  I think it is indicative of the significance of the day, but wonder if each of us would be better served to reflect each day towards our blessings.  Like most people I allow that which I look back upon as ‘petty’ days and weeks later, but in the moment those elements in my life seem more important simply because I allow them power over myself.  Work issues, traffic, the cost of gas, long lines – my own petty list goes go on and on.

But as I observed the people around my table tonight I was again reminded of what is truly important in my life – people.  Of course those seated around our table are my immediate family, yet those that were not physically there crept into my thoughts.   I mused tonight how very profound and blessed my life has been simply because of those around me.  I’ve often felt that as each of us age, our worlds tend to become smaller as we draw inward feeling comfortable and safe only around those who are familiar and share the same physical proximity.  Oh sure, we have people we know who live outside of our daily lives, but I am not referring to them.  No, I marvel at those people who I never knew, who I once called strangers who have enriched my life and become my friends.  No matter how different we are, I have come to understand even more than before how we are all truly connected.

So without getting too wordy or too ‘sensitive,’ I will keep my final musings short and to the point:

To those who have touched my life today, yesterday and tomorrow, I can truly say to each of you, thank you.  I am honored to call each of you my friends.

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