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Happy Birthday to me…

Of course I have to write something for Christmas!  Unlike many of my musings, I will do my best to keep this short.  Some of you who visit this little blog don’t celebrate Christmas and I understand we are all different in our beliefs.  But what is universal to all mankind is the concept of goodwill toward men and that is what this season and hopefully our entire lives are about.

I am blessed to have come from a family that is truly close in so many ways. I have a very small family by most standards with few aunts and uncles.  I’ve often heard that saying that ‘we can’t choose our families,’ but if I had a choice, I would have chosen to be in the family to which I was born.  I’m very lucky.

And beyond that I have had a life filled with people who I consider my extended family.  Friends who have come into my life and enriched what I already consider to be a rich life.  They encompass so many parts of this life be they business men and women, performing artists, students, teens, musicians, painters, photographers, lawyers, theatrical members the list is almost endless.  Although their professions and passions are as varied as their ages, we all share one thing – a desire to express ourselves in a way others will understand and accept.

So I will end this holiday musing with one simple thought – graciousness.  Be gracious to those around you and in turn you will experience the humanity we all dream of and hope to feel.  Merry Christmas.

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