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A New Day

It has been a very long time since I have held hope in American Politics. Tonight for the first time since my awe of John Kennedy, I have hope for our Nation. This past year I have for the first time in my life had the privilege of knowing individuals who are close friends from outside my own country. I was often shocked to hear that although they liked American people as individuals, they do NOT like our government. And although those opinions were sometimes hard for me to hear, their perceptions often paralleled my own views of the many mistakes we make as a nation.

I was pleased to see that our Nation got what we deserved tonight; hope, enthusiasm and optimism for our future. And it was with equal pride that my own children voted for the very first time in a Presidential election, one of historic proportions. With almost 80% of eligible voters exercising their rights, I was not alone in my desire for change. And although the headline is that Barack Obama is our first African American President, for me that is not the most historic aspect, although that fact is now a part of American History. No, President Obama is someone who for the very first time that I can relate to as President.

I have never been more hopeful and honored to be an American.

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Mark, Couldn’t have said it better. Thanksbud