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Another break?

I have been taking a break from shooting over the past month and have also refrained from participating in my favorite blogs as well.  It’s been a time when other things in my life have taken priority and in my mind, a break is often needed to progress.  I have also had a few disappointments in my photographic journey which has resulted in me reassessing my style and methods.  But I have reminded myself that my own style is, well my own.

Yesterday Tracy and I went to see a photographic exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco titled, “Chim, The Photography of David Seymour.”   Although he did take imagery of the famous, many of his most moving pieces were not of the famous, but of the common man and woman.  I was moved by many of his pieces and thought to myself while viewing them that they would most likely not be accepted at one of the blogs where I participate.  And that thought poignantly reminded me to ‘go with my gut’ when it comes to photography.

So although I will not be posting as often as I have historically, I will be enjoying my hobby more than I have in quite some time – in my own way and in my own mind.

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