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As many of you know, the vast majority of my imagery consists of complete strangers going about their daily lives. Although I find gratification in my work and I can occasionally offer strangers who I see again on the street the images I have made of them, there is a certain disappointment. Today I met with a man who I’ve only known online and with him was a young family who joined us for dinner in San Francisco. Since I was in the City to shoot all day, I naturally had my camera with me, as did Martin my new friend.

So I began to shoot Ed and his young family during dinner. And when I arrived home I was most excited to process those images rather than the ones I had taken for my work. The reason is simple. Being able to give someone images of those they love means much more to me than the pursuit of art. It was a  reminder that the substance of one’s art means much more than any amount of accolades or material reward. Being able to offer someone something of personal value is its own reward.

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