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Family Matters

It’s a rare occasion when my entire family can go on a vacation together. But such was the case this past week as my mom, sister, niece, son, daughter and Tracy all ventured to the wonderful venue known as Hawaii. And in addition to my entire family traveling across the beautiful Pacific, my cousin lives in Hawaii so we were able to share a great meal and catch up on all that has transpired in our lives. It seems that as of late the primary reason we have all gathered together has been to honor the lives of family members who have passed on.

Perhaps it is for just this reason that my mom said six months ago that she would like for all of us to share a vacation. It’s ironic that death can often remind each of us of life. A saying I heard long ago is a life mantra that I attempt to recall each day, “Tomorrow is promised to no one.”  So as I watched as my kids interacted with a cousin they see only a few times a year and their only remaining grandmother who is the last connection they have to a rich past, I was touched. They interacted as only family can and in a way that reminds me once again about the priorities of my life. Each of the people on this trip depend upon me in one way or another and I also depend upon them as well.

So rather than fret over issues at work or petty issues at my home I had a true vacation. No it was not the kind where I will return to my ‘other world’ relaxed and refreshed. I will simply return to my day to day life refreshed in the reminder of what is truly important in my life. On that fateful day when I am asked to take my very last breath, I will not recall any employment events or people who wronged me. I will only think of those who are close to me, those I love.

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