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Getting Ready

If you’ve followed my little blog for the past seven days you’ve seen the sublime and the bizarre.   Well, it’s finally over!  I wanted to run some ‘normal’ images during the latter part of the week, but since I had promised myself that I would run all of the Folsom Street Fair images in one week, I refrained from varying from my plan.

And in just 25 days I have to be prepared to hang my exhibit Moments of Humanity.   Since I have done NOTHING to prepare other than to have Tracy design the invitations, I thought that instead of going to SF this weekend to shoot Fleet Week, I better get on the stick.  I have purchased all of the framing and mats that I’ll need, but had not had any images printed.  So I got on the stick and printed, matted and framed a total of 12 images.  It’s damn boring work, akin to ‘prison life’ as my pal Vernon relates to framing and matting.  I agree.

My large pieces are yet to arrive, six 20 inch by 30 inch prints.  They will anchor my show and I’m hoping they each represent the major categories that I tend to shoot.  In total, the exhibit will contain 36 pieces with the vast majority in black and white…no surprise.   The two 8×8 inch, eight 12×18 inches, six 20×30, twenty 11×14’s.  I ran into a guy I have not seen for quite some time and after he made a smart comment about my now shaved head, I told him that I was having an exhibit and gave him an invitation.   Norm asked, ‘So who took the pictures?’  Without missing a beat I replied, ‘I hired someone.’  We have that kind of relationship.  Norm holds something like six US Patents on rocket science stuff so the fact that he even acknowledges that he knows me at all is amazing!

So over the next few weeks, you may notice that I won’t change my blog as often as normal.  I have too much to do!  And it’s ironic that on the very day I am scheduled to hang my show, this blog turns three years old.  Yup, on November 2nd 2007 my little blog celebrates its 3rd birthday.  Wow time really does fly!

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