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Growing pains

I have mentioned a few times here that I have/had participated in several online theme blogs.  I have recently distanced myself from them simply to allow myself to grow artistically.  I believe that as artists, unless we are true to our own passion, we stunt our own growth.  And doing what is expected, what has ‘worked’ is a very easy way to lull oneself into a pattern that is very difficult to break.

One of the most important parts in my pursuit of photography is to present to the viewer that which is genuine and authentic. It is one of the reasons I seldom conduct studio work and when I do, I try to capture those moments and emotions ‘between’ when the subject is attempting to project what they want the world to see. I believe the moments ‘between’ are when a true glimpse into who we are is possible for others to view.

Second only to my niece Paloma’s compliment that my work is ‘honest,’ I recently received a comment by Flo, another juried blog photographer on my image Wondering. Her comment described for me something I strive to achieve – the transformation of the feelings of a stranger to emotions of our own. Flo said, “a human shot.. I love her expression.. and in her reflection, we can imagine another woman.”

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