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It’s amazing how different perspectives can be. I have a long time friend in Botswana helping people she does not know by donating her medical knowledge to them and has for five months. What she describes to me about the HIV situation there and the sadness she personally endures is something that is very difficult for me to imagine. I’m certain that despite the reality of death and illness, the people she helps and works with view life in the most positive way.
But on the other side of the world, my side to be specific I have encountered the opposite of what my friend Katy is experiencing, the attitude of entitlement. Over the past several weeks I have encountered people who can come up with countless ways to sight the negative in their life or situations. And no matter how much help is offered or how many opportunities materialize before them, they just can’t seem to appreciate them. It’s a shame to live that way and in so many ways I feel sorry for individuals who view life through those lenses.
Yet in my travels through the City, I find people whose lives could be considered by some  hopeless or sad, but they are anything but those things. Feeling sorry for oneself or focusing almost exclusively on the negative does not come to their minds or hearts. My father once told me that the only thing one can ever really change is one’s own attitude. Dad, thanks for teaching me something so valuable.

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