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Amazing.   It is truly a marvel how one thing leads to another.  I’ve explained somewhere in these musings how Tracy and I met.  It’s one of the most profound events in my life.  Yet equally as amazing are events that are currently unfolding that goes to the core of what I have always hoped to achieve in my lifetime – the ability, no matter how small to make a difference to those who are less fortunate.

Four years ago I met a close friend of my daughter’s – Alicia, who introduced me to her mother Leigh, who then introduced me to her husband Francis, who in turn introduced me to Juan Pedro Gaffney.  Pedro is the musical Director for Coro Hispano, a Latin music group in the Mission District of San Francisco.  I photographed their performance last year.  I was invited back to photograph their performance again this year and Tracy in her ever inquisitive manner, checked out their website and found that Coro’s parent organization is always in need of volunteers.   As such, she offered her incredible design skills to assist them with their website.  After sending the draft of her design to Ralph Barhydt, who is the business partner to Coro, he wanted to meet Tracy in person.  I’m sure he wanted to ascertain the person behind the design.  So Tracy was able to meet Ralph for the first time during the San Francisco performance of Coro two weeks ago.

Yesterday Tracy met with Ralph. Ralph also manages and is very involved in several non profit organizations after a long and distinguished business career.  After reviewing Tracy’s work and her enthusiasm for assisting others, Ralph approached her about working on other sites where he is involved.  One of the most moving and affective is NamasteDirect, an organization that assists women in Central America by providing micro loans to start their own businesses to elevate themselves from poverty.

Although I have no direct involvement with Tracy’s work, I am proud to be associated and support the efforts of someone so dear to me.  And I can’t help but think that all of this potential started from a simple photograph.  Amazing indeed.

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