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Putting aside the petty

The other night I had to send Tracy some of the images that I will use for my other site.  That site will house only those images that are my favorites in terms of feeling and technical quality.  Feeling more so than technical aspects.  As I went through my library I noticed that as of late, my images have focused primarily on the positive side of life, its beauty and its glory.  I’m sure that is a direct reflection of my current view of life.

But more importantly I’ve come to discover that some of the things I use to concern myself with seem trivial to me.  Work bickering, financial woes, jealously and material things seem less important.  Perhaps it is because the shortness of life has been oh so apparent to me lately due to the death of my aunt and the death or illness of those I know, even if only briefly.

For the realization that life is so short, that petty differences we all seem to immerse ourselves in is pointless I am grateful.  There are still some things where I wait for the ‘other shoe to drop’ but those events and false fears are fewer and far between.

I’m sure you’ll see that reflected in my work, but much more importantly, I see that attitude reflected in me.

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