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Putting oneself ‘out there’

Today I photographed auditions for The King And I. This is the first time I’ve covered auditions and these were for the ‘Call Backs’ those actors, singers and dancers who had made the first cut in their auditions. I have watched shows like American Idol and witnessed the risk/reward ratio those individuals take to continue toward their dreams. But seeing that process in person is much different than the edited bits and pieces I’ve seen on television.


Men and women along with children of all ages, sizes, race and talent put themselves ‘out there ‘ to be judged, rejected and sometimes rewarded. While I watched and photographed that event, I thought back to photography blogs and contests where I have participated and often been rejected or accepted. And although there was both disappointment and satisfaction in those venues, they lacked the very human and face to face reality of being accepted or rejected in real life. Today reminded me of how much courage and tenacity is required to sit among your judging staff and competition face to face amid the sweat, anxiety and hope right next to your competitors and comrades. It adds an element that can never be replicated online and I was proud to watch each and every one of those courageous individuals as they pursued their dreams. I was reminded that I too want to be one of those who places themselves out there in the real world to develop and practice my own courage and tenacity. I want the added texture that moving from the virtual world to the real world offers.

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