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Rest in Peace Mom

April 28 2016 was the day my mother passed away. On April 29th 2017 my family honored her by scattering her ashes in the desert of California. Mom hated the outdoors, the beach, the forest all of it! So why she wanted her remains scattered in the desert is a mystery to my sister and me. But she loved the desert, the serenity and the open spaces. Perhaps it was because she was interned at Manzanar during WWII.

Mom never quite understood my passion for photography or “How in the world do you make a living at something like that?” I’m sure she held out hope that some day I would return to my suit and tie officer of a Fortune 100 company one day. So I wanted to honor Mom by doing what I love, creating imagery.

Rest in Peace Mom, I so love and miss you.


For a time my Mom needed a feeding tube because she often choked on food. Losing the simple pleasure of taste is a real bitch. So one day I just said “Fuck this” and bought us both some orange sherbet Push Ups and we would go outside to eat them. Sneaking food is not only fun, it makes whatever you’re eating taste better!

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I’m really sorry about the loss of your mom. It sounds like you were really good friends, besides being simply mother & son. Missing a parent is not an easy thing. Warm regards, my friend.