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Sensor painting

I have the benefit of having two remarkable artists as critics, Larry Fodor and Leigh Toldi.  I am often envious of painters, their ability to create images that exist only within their own imaginations give them a freedom that is not often replicated in photography.  I have often wondered if it is possible to photograph something that can appear painting like.  Today’s image is one that I feel comes close to that goal.

This image is a close up of a very small water passage that leads from the cliffs above Muscle Rock Shoreline across the beach to the ocean.  Tracy and I were at the beach one glorious afternoon and as we were walking, I spotted the very small body of water as it moved toward the ocean.  Tracy moved ahead as I examined the sand and markings around the ‘river’ of water.  It was marked with dark blue and black sand in addition to a multitude of colors.  The texture of the sand added much to the scene as I examined it through my camera.  So I framed the image and took the shot.

Although I did not ‘paint’ this image, I am very pleased with the results.  An abstract image born from the influence of painters.

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