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Sticks in your spokes

Sometimes one just outgrows a need.  Such is the case with my consistent participation at Weeklyshot.  I guess I need to be more accurate by stating that I have found that the growth I experienced in the beginning of that weekly theme blog is waning.  Partly due to my irritation with some of the abbreviated and in one case completely useless comments by some members.  I discussed this with someone whose work I respect tonight and by and large, he shares my feeling about the Weeklyshot community.

Larry once told me some great advice.  Let people throw sticks in the spokes of your bike, but make them back up the stick with well thought out reason.  Since many of those sticks are not backed up with intelligent thoughts, it’s time to move on to endeavors that will truly motivate me to improve and give me feedback that is valuable.  I’ll always be indebted to WS for my connection with Tracy, but for now it’s time to say goodbye.   Change is a natural element of growth.  And I desperately need that facet in my work.

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