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The desire to tell a story

Tonight my daughter sent me to the market to buy some vanilla ice cream as she was making chocolate waffles for dessert.  On my way to the frozen foods section, I passed the magazine rack and stopped for a moment to see what types of photography magazines were there.   I’m funny, as although I like to flip through those magazines, I seldom read the articles.  I like to buy them, but find that my interest in them wanes as soon as I pay for it.  Curious…

So instead I picked up the latest issue of National Geographic.  I find I learn so much more from that publication than any magazine devoted exclusively to ‘photography.’  As a teen, I poured through Life Magazine with the dream of working for them one day.  The most current National Geographic cover story was on the plight of the people of Pakistan.   I can only say that I am humbled.  The emotion and stories captured in their imagery is something I can only dream of attaining one day.  You see, one of my personal dreams is to work for a publication that tells the story of the people who occupy this globe, their lives, their struggles and their hopes.  For me the craft of photography is much more than the pretty and well composed.  I wish to use the skills I continue to develop by having the chance to tell a story of the lives of the people around us.  Not those who have attained notoriety, but people like myself who have children to love and lives to build.  I want to tell stories about humanity.

This weekend I will have my first chance to photograph a man whose image I took early last year, Eugene.   I have mentioned before that I view that image as a turning point in my photographic journey.  Since that image will anchor my exhibit this November, I wanted to have more images which illustrate this remarkable individual, his life behind what we see in public.  An intimate look at a man many of us know only by first name and what he does.  All of us know many people in this same way and if we just take a bit more time, we will know someone just a bit better.

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