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The Evolution of the Musings

One of my friends who I have just reconnected with wrote to me the other day alerting me to the fact that I have not updated this page since July 1st. “Gosh, has it really been that long?” I thought to myself as I read his words. So I went to my Musing page and low and behold Dom was right, July 1st was my last entry.

When I first started this page, its main purpose was for me to vomit upon you my thoughts, feelings and adventures about photography. Then I found that writing here was a bit therapeutic so I began to write about my personal feelings and life adventures. Lately I have become a bit more private in what I share here and it’s been difficult for me to articulate why. I can only say that it is a transitional period for me and whenever I seem to pass through those life passages, I become more reclusive in my desire to share.

But life has certainly blessed me with many events which involve those who are close to me as well as new friends I have recently encountered. In just a few weeks Vernon will travel across the pond from Germany to spend just over a week with me and Tracy.  This past weekend a new friend and fellow photographer from Denmark visited with us. We also invited a long time friend along with us Friday night since her husband has been out of town for some time. And later this month we will spend a long while with my kids and immediate family. What I’m saying here is my life as of late is about those around me who I love. It’s about my world continuing to expand by meeting and befriending new souls who I would have never met had it not been for photography.

And yet I struggle even more with my work in photography. Tracy and I are constantly talking about the fact that for me improvement is the goal in photography. And since that is my goal, or has been my goal I am currently lost. So I am taking the most protracted break that I’ve experienced and although I am still shooting, I have the need to find a new vision for my work.

It’s all about evolution, as I never want to stand still in this craft.

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