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The Inauguration of America

Today, January 20th 2009 is as many have said a historic day.  Much more than a day when we inaugurate the very first African American President it is a day when I personally feel more hope and honor than I have ever held being an American. Like everyone here, I am the offspring of immigrants whose history has endured many injustices. But today that is all behind me. Like so many Americans I will look upon the ceremony of Barack Obama’s inauguration with pride and reverence. He brings with him a hope that I was too young to appreciate during the Kennedy era, but now have the wisdom of age to embrace. I doubt that I will be able to sleep well tonight as I feel as excited as I did when I waited for Santa to arrive Christmas morning. Welcome Mr. President, I am truly honored to say, “I serve at the will of the President.”

Now if you can just replace Pete Souza, your White House Photographer with me, all will be right in the universe!

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