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You never know when or how

Whew, it’s finally Friday.  I’m not sure what is was about this week, but I could barely make it to the weekend.  It’s certainly not going to be a relaxing one, as I am moving my daughter to her first apartment this weekend.  College is a very expensive life lesson…sigh

In any event several moments happened today that I am thankful about besides Friday.  Tracy sent me a link to a photographer whose work I had never seen.  Diane Varner photographs landscapes, animals and scenic places in a way that moves me.  And if you don’t know, I normally yawn and nod off at most non human imagery.  Her work displays a soul that I seldom find in the work of others.  As my critic Leigh often says, when an artist can make the inanimate come alive, they have blessed your eye with something special.  Diane’s work fits that description perfectly.

Today I had the chance to have lunch with a young woman who works in the same company as me.  We have begun to become better acquainted through our working relationship and recently we have begun the initial stages of a friendship outside of work topics.  She is a musician outside of the office and will soon compete at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in October.   What is so compelling about her is her spirit and outlook on life.  She has a texture about her that I don’t often find, or perhaps it is simply that I don’t look hard or often enough.  She has begun to add a facet to my life that has an impact on my photography, friendship.

So what the hell does Tracy, Diane and Doris have to do with photography?  Well, in October of this year, seven people who I had never known before this hobby will travel to the Bay Area to share a passion of art.  One will come from as far away as Germany, another from Texas.  We all began as ‘photographers’ but have become friends, well one has become my friend and love and six have become my friends!  My point to this rambling is just like before, the fabric of my life and in turn my photography is changing.   Without the realization, those that touch my life even in the shortest of moments will affect how I see the world and in turn how I convey that view through this craft.

And whether each of your realizes it or not, you too are affected by who you engage and who you don’t

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