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Using the Godox System

UPDATE October 2 2017

I have written a post about a dance session I conducted that uses these items. You can view that post here.

Original Post

I recently created a dance session using a wide range of the Godox strobe system:

My goal was to create the illusion of a stage, a grand hall using light, shadow and atmosphere. This was the very first time I used every single Godox light I have including a speed light. What is wonderful is how seamlessly all of the lights integrate into a system. I could not be happier with this line of strobes.

All shot with a Canon 1DXII, EF24-70 II. Most images shot at 1/500th at various f stops, ISO 100. I have quite a few reviews of the gear I sighted above. The purpose of this post is to simply show how I use the gear rather than update each review. I find actual usage much more helpful for me and hope this helps you as well.

The warehouse where I ran this session. The chandelier was borrowed from a theatre company. It is lit with an xPLOR 600 using a PCB Retro Laser modifier (no longer made) which is out of frame. The light to the left is to illuminate the talent using a 1200ws head and a Fresnel modifier.
Four xPLOR 600s, two powering the 1200ws head, one placed into a Parabolix 35D and one in the PCB Retro Laser modifier.
Cheetahstand Lantern as top light using two eVOLV200s in an AD-B2, Parabolix 35D camera right. Speed light rigged into the umbrella.
You can see how I rigged the speed light into the umbrella. I fabricated the handle since this is just a cheap photographic umbrella.
My fantasy composite of combining her image and a shot I captured along the Oregon Coast. When I created her umbrella image I had planned on working it into a composite, so I knew how I wanted the light/shadows to match the scene.
Two Fresnel heads. Parabolix camera right, low and fully focused.
Two Fresnel heads. Parabolix camera right and fully focused.
Two Fresnel heads. Parabolix camera right and fully focused.
Two Fresnel heads. Parabolix camera right and fully focused.
Oops, forgot to turn off the smoke machine again!!!!



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I’ve read a great deal about the power loss on the 1200 WS extension head… While I like the idea of reducing the weight on the head… with all the power loss… how are you finding the practical use of this head vs going with a lower power head, ie the 600 WS unit itself, w/o the extension vs using the extension? Have you noticed any power loss on the 600 WS head extensions? Thanks