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“Oochy coochy oochy coo”

What is it about babies that is utterly irresistible?  Perhaps it is simply Nature’s way of reminding all of us that hope springs eternal with the birth of a new soul.  It’s been a very long time since I have had the chance to hold a baby, but recently during my trip to Montreal to meet Tracy’s family, I was able to meet and hold her niece Addison.  As soon as she was in my arms, I hearkened back to the days when I held both Nori and Niko as infants.  All of the feelings that I had then returned immediately as I held her in my arms.

I sent Nori an image of me holding Addy with a note that said, ‘I want one of these.’  My daughter quickly replied, ‘Are you crazy?  Are you encouraging teenage pregnancy or are you just trying to get out of paying tuition?’  Ah teens, so delicate in their reactions!  No Pumpkin, I simply long for the innocent days when I was able to hold both you and your brother wrapped in your mimis and safe in my arms as each of you sucked your thumbs.

So perhaps it is simply the reality of birth that makes each of us mere puddles in the presence of a newborn.  The newness of it all is so intoxicating.  But even as adults, we are able to marvel in that which makes our own worlds new again.  Tonight I watched as my own son began to discover the joy of his new DSLR, reading the manual and shooting images around his home in pure discovery.  And later when I spoke to Tracy on the phone, she too was doing the very same thing at almost the very same moment as my son – exploring her new camera gear taking simple joy in the discovery of what is new.

For me, I simply marvel at the synchronicity of this life.  Tonight, it all seems new to me too.

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