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For quite some time I have given thought to taking my work toward a series rather than single images. A series that would convey a story rather than a single focused feeling. As I said in yesterday’s Musing, this past weekend I had the chance to spend time with my daughter who is living in her first apartment off campus. Of course photography is my passion, but it pales in comparison to how I feel about my children. So I thought, why not combine two elements I love, my children and my hobby.

Presented this week is a small series titled ‘A Day with My Daughter.’ Sure it’s clich√© and personal, but this is after all this is my blog. It will allow me to practice within the safety of my own family my desire to expand beyond my comfort zone of single imagery to one that includes a story, a sequential message. What I have strive to achieve in this series is to maintain my always present goal of genuine feeling and mood while expanding toward the story and glimpse into one person’s life, albeit a very important person to me.

Nori bears the name of my late Father, as her mother and I decided early on that our first born would bear his name irregardless of gender. She certainly has many of his characteristics, tenacity, honor and courage. And just like any first born, she is the one who must bear the burden of a parent’s naivety for parenting and now his pursuit of a different form of storytelling. And although I will not title each piece, I will venture into the world of short stories to go with each image, a bit of background to round out the series. Thanks for indulging me and the thanks goes mainly to Nori. Thanks Pumpkin, I love you.

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